Letter from Steve McCain (Eastham Unit) 2/12/21

February 12, 2021 Eastham conducted three unit-wide Covid tests, and turned up positive results at each. Then, they went to random tests for which they chose a random sampling from each housing unit. I believe there was eleven in my dorm chosen in this test, myself included. This naturally drew fewer positive tests because theContinue reading “Letter from Steve McCain (Eastham Unit) 2/12/21”

Anarchy: Weighing In – by K(A)DO

Comrades, what are you doing? What’s actually being done? As anarchist revolutionaries, our endeavor, as a collective whole, is and must be system failure. Not just an aspect of it or one face or the other – the entire thing! Here I sit in my small, rusted stone and iron kennel catching but glimpses ofContinue reading “Anarchy: Weighing In – by K(A)DO”

Speaking Truths – by Comrade Z

Free thinkers, comrades, rebel girls, militants, my subsistence has squarely been because of the unwavering love and support from all of you, which is why this essay will begin with you in mind, to let you all know that I appreciate you. Thank you. So 2021 has started off with me gaining the upper handContinue reading “Speaking Truths – by Comrade Z”

The Gordian Knot – by Steve McCann

This treatise explores how the government uses legislation and law enforcement to repress and exploit the poor (predominately people of color). It also touches on, though lightly, how the dividing lines between races are exaggerated to the benefit of the government. What I excluded from this piece, because of its tendency to confuse and overwhelmContinue reading “The Gordian Knot – by Steve McCann”

Break the Chains: Ours, then Theirs! – by Steve McCann

Shake Off the Manacles that Enfetter you, my friend, And those you love as well. Give those gyves away! Throw off the Hobbling Inertia that Narrows the Gate before us impassable. Hobbles are for horses, not for humans. Life, liberty and pursuit of Happiness lie just beyond the gate… Inviting…Taunting, Tempting, Tantalizing. Why stand weContinue reading “Break the Chains: Ours, then Theirs! – by Steve McCann”

Mishandling of Covid-19 at Eastham Plantation – by Steve McCain

Chronology of Events Dec. 30, 2020 Random Covid testing conducted Jan. 3, 2021 A resident in my dorm was confirmed Covid-positive. The dorm, thus, was placed on quarantine lockdown. Jan. 19, 2021 Medical quarantine terminated Jan. 26, 2021 A Covid-positive resident collapsed. The dorm was placed back on lockdown. Jan. 29, 2021 Another dorm residentContinue reading “Mishandling of Covid-19 at Eastham Plantation – by Steve McCain”

Transcription of Comrade Z Interview – from The Final Straw Radio, April 23, 2020

TFSR: Would you please introduce yourself for the audience? Who you are, where you are, how you got there? Comrade Z: Hello Everyone, Thank you for having me on The Final Straw. It’s an honor. My name is Julio A. Zuniga. Alex is what everyone calls me, or Comrade Z for those who are standingContinue reading “Transcription of Comrade Z Interview – from The Final Straw Radio, April 23, 2020”

Call To Solidarity For Texas Prisoners – by Comrade Z

Am I ready to stop taunting and playing with my oppressor’s feeling? No! I’m not, but people are now calling me out on my unorthodox tactics that have been effective, so effective Huntsville is now shaking in their boots. Don’t believe me? Alright Texas, I encourage you to call my unit and ask. They’d beContinue reading “Call To Solidarity For Texas Prisoners – by Comrade Z”

The Truth Unfolds Before Comrade Z’s Eyes

“Poor, wretched and stupid peoples, nations determined on your own misfortunes, and blind to your own good! You let yourselves be deprived before your own eyes of the best part of your revenues; your fields are plundered, your homes robbed, your family heirlooms taken away. You live in such a way that you cannot claimContinue reading “The Truth Unfolds Before Comrade Z’s Eyes”

KKKorruption in KKKonsentrationslager: Darrington Blows Their Cover – by Comrade Z

from Comrade Z Mongoose Distro Staff Writer IWOC Member x386969 Fuck my… life!!! Goddamn TDCJ is like a scorned woman. I have single handedly penetrated the minds of every sorry motherfucker in TDCJ-CID. Yessir! Peep this y’all: Due to high volume amounts of mailroom retaliation and discrimination on my being an anarchist/abolitionist with Industrial WorkersContinue reading “KKKorruption in KKKonsentrationslager: Darrington Blows Their Cover – by Comrade Z”