American Traditions – by Comrade Z

The everyday activity of slaves reproduces slavery. Through their daily activities, slaves do not merely reproduce themselves and their masters physically; they also reproduce the instruments with which the master represses them, and their own “habits of submission” to the master’s authority. To men who live in a slave society, the master-slave relation seems like a natural and eternal relation. However, men are not born masters or slaves. Slavery is a specific social form, and men submit to it only in very particular material and historical conditions. … In the performance of their daily activities, the members of capitalist society simultaneously carry out two processes: they reproduce the form of their activities, and they eliminate the material conditions to which this form of activity initially responded. But they do not know they carry out these processes; their own activities are not transparent to them. They are under the illusion that their activities are responses to natural conditions beyond their control and do not see that they are themselves authors of those conditions. In order to locate the origin of surplus value, it is necessary to examine why the value of the labor is smaller than the value of the commodities produced by it. The alienated activity of the worker transforms materials with the aid fo instruments, and produces a certain quantity of commodities. However, when these commodities are sold and the used-up materials and instruments are paid for, the workers are not given the remaining value of their products as their wages; they are given less. In other words, during every working day, the workers perform a certain quantity of unpaid labor, forced labor, for which they receive no equivalent. The performance of this unpaid labor, this forced labor, is another “conditions for survival” in capitalist society. However, like alienation, this condition is not imposed by nature, but by the collective practice of people, by their everyday activities. Before Unions’ existence, an individual worker accepted whatever forced labor was available, since rejection of the labor would have meant that other workers would accept the available terms of exchange, and the individual worker would receive no wage.”

-Fredy Perlman

‘The Reproduction of Daily Life’

IWW-IWOC Kansas City has followed my resistance and direct-action against “The Great State of Texas”. As of May 5th (Cinco De Mayo) IWOC-Local 613#1 (HTX-GMB) delegate X386969 has officially filed a very significant civil rights complaint in United States District Court-Southern District-Galveston Division: Civil Action #3:22-CV-00132 / Julio A. Zuniga vs. Toney Parker (President of ACA), Denise Robinson (ACA), Gar C. Mohr (ACA), Bryan Collier (ACA),

Texas Board of Criminal Members: Patrick O’Daniel (Chairman), Dernylynn Perryman (Vice Chairman), Pastor Larry Miles (Secretary), E.F. “Mano” DeAyalo (Member), Molly Francis (Member), Faith Johnson (Member), Sichan Siv (Member), Eric Nichols (Members), Rodney Burrows (Member),

Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice Members: Bobby Lumpkin (Director), Bryan Collier (Executive Director), Guistina Persich (SCFO), Tammy Shelby (MSPC), Bo Stallman (Brazoria County Sheriff)

Too many defendants, but, all are involved in some of the state’s most corrupt practices, and they care not what you think or feel. Just keep paying your taxes and pay no mind to their operations. This is just how it is; so shut the fuck up, stop, don’t pay attention to the man behind the curtain.

Long has been the slave tradition of the Republic of Texas. As a prisoner, it was my humanity that I trust to get where I am today. Here at Memorial Plantation, Industrial Workers of the World have battled alongside me, as a prisoner, as a Mexican-American anarchist from South Texas, we are now the first Industrial Union Branch-Local 613 #1. Through three years of constant retaliation, harassment, discrimination, being wrongfully convicted and tortured, I still stand as the union organizer delegate. This call to solidarity is for the people who have bravely stepped forward to combat the true enemy and join the movement to get pay-wages for all prisoners.

We ask all available agitators to ensure that all eyes get directed to the United States District Court-Southern District-Galveston Division #3:22-CV-00132, with corruption, racketeering, assaults, suicides, poisonings, cruel and unusual punishment, prosecutorial misconduct, the ends of injustice are nowhere in sight. They continue to do their criminal activity as a collective.

I want people to email to push them to investigate Brazoria County’s corrupt officials. I ask Prison Legal News to report on this. I ask for outside supporters to send in letters of support to the prisoners.

Most of all, please donate to / I depend on the kindness of anarchists, atheists and Wobblies. We need to step up our game to push for legislation change.

Email state senators to demand pay wages for us slaves. We will not stand for any more deception. You at congress have failed to give us “good time/work time”. It’s used as a tool to psychologically brainwash prisoners in to thinking it counts. It doesn’t, and we want it removed from our time sheets, for it is falsely portraying and stating that we do receive “good time/work time”. Enough is enough. Stop the bullshit.

Mental health is what TDCJ policy destroys. We are forced to slave and live in fucked up conditions. Pay us so that we can survive your capitalist slave operation.

Don’t think this lawsuit is the only one that will be filed. We want the American Bar Association to call for a moratorium on all Texecutions, due to a statewide corruption scheme that has been the reason for TBCJ/TDCJ/Brazoria County DA’s office to pull all prisoners’ Habeus Corpus handbooks to hide “prosecutorial misconduct ground”.

This lawsuit is dedicated to fallen IWOC member Stephen “Rooster” Curtis. He and his sister Raye helped IWOC file on TBCJ/TDCJ and I personally believe Timothy Williams, Willie Ratliff, Marcus Cooper and Fredrick Gooden set him up to be poisoned indirectly. Do your research on them. Look into “custodial death reports”. This is only the beginning. We need the people now. We need the State to pay their dues to us, the workers. We run this and everyone in position here knows it because that’s exactly what I spit at ’em. We run this!!

Rest in Power George Floyd, Rooster, Fred Cruz and the Sugarland 95.

Shoutout to Eric King, Lorenzo Kom’boa and Sean Swain.

This is Comrade Z signing off.

Viva el anarquismo! Viva Ricardo Flores Magon! Viva Enrique Magon! Viva El Mongoose!

Solidarity and Sabotage,

Julio A Zuniga


Julio A Zuniga 1961551

Memorial Unit

59 Darrington Road

Rosharon, TX 77583

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"Contains material solely for the purpose of achieving breakdown of prison through disruption" -Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice mailroom

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