No to Industrialization, Yes to Green Anarchy – by Noah Coffin

Comrades, today my article is concerning this nonsense that rulers, elites  and  their ilk spread to the people of this planet to instill not only fear but false ideas which benefit their agenda. Who do you know that does NOT agree that the earth is over populated? Don’t YOU believe this to be the truth?? Well I’m sure you may, as its “common knowledge”  and  something perpetuated by media and networks across a broad spectrum. That certainly helps to “justify” many actions of these governing rulers, from border patrol Nazis to the industrialization of farming. These ” necessary evils” aren’t wrestled against, nor contested – they’re even supported out of fear. { we can’t let everyone come here, there isn’t enough here to support so many!! We must create GMO BC its the only way to feed the over populated earth!!} 

 Most of the world has given ground  and  joined the system, forsaking their autonomous existence  and  dictator Stalin demonstrated what perils await any people so foolish as to yield their own ability to be self sufficient. The industrialization of farming is by far the most egregious offense against the earth  and  the life that share this home. These are merely methods of mass produced farming used to turn revenue for governments. Any crops not sold will be destroyed rather than given out at reduced rate – so as not to set a bad precedent. (Just ask any dumpstering radical). Bobby sands  and  his comrades gave their life to protest this disgusting reality. Most of these crops are sold to other nations just to fuel the war machine  and  fatten the purses of rulers. Never mind GMO are toxic  and  carcinogenic, but that’s another article.. Allow me to tackle this whole “over populated” subject. As I’m in the USA we’ll use this place as a model.

    The pop. here is roughly 320,051,000. The land itself is 3,794,085 sq. mi. If you compare that space to the people here, then divided up the land equally there would be 0.118 people per sq. mi. So as of today everyone in the USA could be individually sitting on a little over 8 sq. mi. You know how big that is? A single sq. mi. is 640 acres!! I can tell you, that space alone is enough to sustainably feed a large town. I have a model  and  method of utilizing 10×10 ft sq. to feed a 5 person family. All natural. Sustainably. 

    But what about the whole planet?? We have yet to reach 8 billion. Maybe in the next decade, so let’s round up to that  and  keep the same model. You gather EVERYONE WORLD WIDE just to the USA – 8 billion people…There’s still only 21.08 people per sq. mi. Then split up the land equally  and  everyone would individually own 30.36 acres!! That’s with the entire rest of the earth uninhabited!! Over populated?! These metropolises are overpopulated – these governments are overpopulated but the EARTH is not! You could multiply our numbers by 30, and still give EVERYONE an acre of this nations land and the rest of the earth would be uninhabited. Russia, Canada, China –  all are bigger than the USA!!

   These truths are kept hidden and the lies perpetuated BC there’s no $ in self reliant, self sufficient people to governments  and  elites. Now every single sq. mi. of the country isn’t farm ready, but that’s cool BC I guarantee you they a network would easily be a solution to any arising problem. Give me that much space on a lake, a mountain side – a desert,  and  a willing network?? I would easily create a solution. Check out my achievements on the business fb@lottieslivinglandscapes. Any inquiry, comments or ideas you have, reach out to our page or collective. Mongoose Distro. or the R.@.T.S. We are staring freedom  and  autonomy in the face, all we need to do is shake off the lies  and  claim it. Anyone with gardening methods or perhaps lost  and  forgotten methods of self sufficiency, please contact me. I’d love to collaborate! Anyone who is interested in joining the community, reach out. Solid@rity forever!! 

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"Contains material solely for the purpose of achieving breakdown of prison through disruption" -Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice mailroom

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