TDCJ Memorial Unit Plots Against Comrade Z’s Life

Find out what any people will quietly submit to and you have found out the exact measure of injustice and wrong, which will be imposed upon them, and these will continue till they are resisted with either words or blows, or both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.”

-Frederick Douglass, 1857

June 16, 2022

During the months of March, April, May some direct action and sabotage occurred, a bit of infiltration and espionage, evading detection by playing the part of an insect, stuck in a spider’s web. Administration on Memorial had no idea that I knew their set-up to have me harmed and was already prepared in advance. They found me guilty on a fabricated “possession of a cell phone” disciplinary case. It took two days for them to figure out how to make it stick with no cell phone as evidence.

On May 18 and 19, 2022 I was found guilty, then taken directly to a specific cell by Major Fredrick Gooden (B Line, 2-15 cell). On the 22nd, some Christo-fascist field ministers and their penitentiary no-name rap star were rapping his “diss-music” about me. The music was awesome, the inquisition revisited. It was probably the most freedom that man will ever experience in a control unit. After surviving that nights attempt on my life, I find out that inmates were told by administration that “Z is a legitimate threat”. Supposedly there were prisoners in the chain-room who were there to finish the job on me.

All administrative conspirators were sick to learn I had survived their trap. The Hole, solitary 07 cell, is where I was placed, kept hostage, ostracized, by order of administrators, for about 30 days. No investigation was filed, even though Officer Cantrell was given a “statement”. After a good rest, I was on my first day in solitary 07 cell, sitting on the cold ground. The prisoner, young black dude, in cell-06 decides to go for the gold and hangs himself. Two officers rush, yelling, screaming, spraying mace the whole time.

A few seconds pass. One officer comes out crawling, yelling in pain. I don’t know where he was going, but he crawled like he was in a Vietnam battle scene. I’m watching this, sitting calmly, face covered with my t-shirt. I watch, silent, relaxed, then like the mighty morphin’ Power Rangers, here comes administration with a pep in their step.

Captain Charlotte McKnight, Sgt. Tia Bey, Major Fredrick Gooden, Assistant Warden Willie Ratliff, they actually thought it was me, the idiots, hence why they brought all the heavy metal in response to a suicide. The look on their faces when they brought out a black man to be placed on a stretcher, still convulsing and puking on himself. I called to Willie Ratliff, who was fuming and tossing stretcher straps around in a child-like tantrum.

“Look out, Ratliff!” “…Look out, Ratliff!”, I said again. His back toward me, he paused to yell out, “Can’t you see I’m busy?!”, loud as fuck. Still pissed, he looks down at the C.O. Sitting there, points his thumb back towards me, and tells him, “We thought it was him!” on camera. All of this was caught on video surveillance, and I wish I could share that with you all. But anyway, the black dude survives and was brought back. I said to the C.O. Who saved his life “they did a great job, thank you”. Still glowing with adrenaline, the guard says excitedly, “He really tried. He really tries to kill himself. He was serous!!” The only thing I could say in response was, “I know.”

Fact is, during my harassment/assassination attempt, campaign, whatever that was, I was encouraged to suicide myself. The fascists where saying, “To die for your cause, it’s a beautiful thing”. All the while their plot was still unfolding on B-Line.

All the informant gang members working for the State were watching me on their screens, just as their handlers were in their new-wave surveillance scheme. It was sickening. All the set-up of surveillance cameras, remote control lighter coils, the electrifying of my steel bunk. I tore it down and disabled it somehow, using counter-measures, and a lot of fucking water, rendering their shit useless. Then I flooded the entire 2-Row just for shits and giggles.

Back to the solitary story – After about 3 or 5 days in solitary-07 cell, the fucking mail they were holding in case I became a corpse was trickled in, almost one-and-a-half weeks late. One packet from a good comradette at was particularly interesting because they read it before I got it, and then a terror campaign ensues. It was just so obvious. However, the contents included a piece of journalism, a joint report by none other than the Marshall Project and the Texas Tribune, all about Greg Abbott, where he jacks the prison system for $500 million and then declares war on all his domestic enemies. I’m sure it was all before he sat with Donald Trump’s bitch ass for lunch.

Anyway, in the name of declaring war on domestic enemies, they placed me in the #1 spot in Brazoria County for being a member of IWW-IWOC in this state, labeling me as a “legitimate threat”, then trying to kill me.

The resources included a harassment campaign, again, by Southwest Baptist Seminary College, field ministers and students. It was surreal. If this isn’t concentration camp tactics I don’t know what is. This state and the privately funded Southwest Bible Seminary College is not one of the worst, but in the free-world the name is synonymous with sexual assault allegations. This is how it looks with TDCJ attached to it: It seems like it’s creating a new-age turnkey because it’s so corruptible; anything to help “control” prisoners by promoting prison policy in the name of “Jesus of Nazareth”. Of course, it’s part of a psychological model of submission by Church and State. Using bible scripture to “control”, manipulate, coerce, and force inmates to submit to violent forms of oppression by ill-trained prison guards and their fascist administration. Slavery and sexual assault were defended by the Southwest Bible Seminary College, all in the name of the State. The bible college teaches their students criminal psychology and standard psychology. Their professors are ex-cops who probably sent a few sheep to the pen themselves.

Let this be a lesson to the state – We are not all asleep or on cruise control, or “lights on but nobody’s home” type of people. The state of Texas sanctioned a real elaborate harassment campaign and attempt to break my mind and spirit. They made attempts on my life, whether by assassination or forced suicide. Their ignorance on such matters is the reason I am still alive. Schemes are like fruit, they require a certain ripening. The eyes of anarchists across the globe are upon the TDCJ/TBCJ. Even their own wage slave is watching, also the oppressed, downtrodden, the families of loved ones in white who lost their lives to “forced administrative suicides”. The State slaves are slowly being murdered physically, mentally, spiritually, some literally.

Please let the assassination attempt/harassment campaign be a window to your mind to see the real side of Texas prisons and why we need to destroy it. The state is playing all of these people like a fiddle. Once I realized how mind-fucked most prisoners are I began to place my safe-guards in place, and when the “legitimate threat” was taken to burn at the stake, I went willingly. I let them do all they could, and as much as I could handle I allowed them to do. I dictated all of it. They were so busy trying to “kill the Indian”, but not watching how other’s dictated how they wanted to do time. So, 3 prisoners ran off, shutting down the slave camp on Memorial Unit. This is how every unit should be until TDCJ is defunded.

Always pacing the cage,


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Julio A Zuniga 1961551

Memorial Unit

59 Darrington Road

Rosharon, TX 77583

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"Contains material solely for the purpose of achieving breakdown of prison through disruption" -Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice mailroom

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