Post Incarceration Plans – by Noah “K@DO” Coffin

August 18, 2022

Comrades, my captivity draws closer to an end each day. I will be seen for parole any day between now and October. This means I should be out before Texas gets a chill. My anticipation and elation are just about matched by my anxiety. At 36, I’ll be cast unto a world that I do not know. I’ll be stepping out with the clothes I wear and the support of comrades on the other end of the country – Love and solidarity to Sean & Lauren Swain, Mongoose and RobCat!!

Most will know that lately I’ve been super chill on writing. I can rant-n-rave here and stay the entirety of the next 4 years doing so, or spend those years doing something. Get ready because I’m on my way!!! I have spent 39% of my life here in state custody, from juvenile, to county, to prison. I’ve survived racism and riots, retaliation and 7+ solid years in solitary confinement under the absolute worst conditions. During my stay I lost everyone close to me; my Gramma to cancer, a fiance to murder, my mom to drug overdose, as well as a friend to that same fate. My family are comrades whom I’ve never met and my love for them is fierce. I have tattoo equipment waiting for me, a place to parole to in Alvin, Texas, as well as 10k square feet of uncleared property by the Trinity River a friend will finance to me at any rate I can muster. All in all, I’ve got opportunity awaiting beyond the razorwire – I’ve just got to get my feet under me! Lauren Swain has been doing an awesome job setting up a fund for my release and I ask anyone reading this or who has ever followed my progress through this struggle – if you’re able and can in any way contribute, be it the loose pocket change on you today or even something a bit more then thank you in advance for your support!!

My ideal goal is simple – transportation and funds for gas. I’ll be doing house calls for tattoos as well as events like Food Not Bombs, and collecting donations for ink. Once my tattoo work begins and I’m able to place my 1st down payment on the land by the river, I’ll be able to clear it for the garden project that I’ve got planned. Since my release from solitary I’ve taken college courses for horticulture and have been invited into the farmers market selling locally grown all natural foods, something of a dream to me. Something like an older model used vehicle shouldn’t be too hard to find at a low enough price. Anything helps!!

Lauren has begun an art-for-donation effort as well as personally funding what she can. Lauren and Sean are totally awesome and I look forward to working with them out there.

To all my comrades in captivity – I’ll be in touch from day 1. Each month I will choose a captive comrade to run a tattoo benefit for. Also, me, Lauren, Sean, and Mongoose willl be hosting an event where any anarchist attending can donate any sum for any number of tattoos I’ve drawn up for this specific task. Whatever is raised at the event, sans the cost of ink and needles, will go tot that comrade. The same will be done once per month with my farmers market endeavor.

Lastly – if you have Lauren Swain’s email you can contact them for any donations towards Kado’s support fund or contact Mongoose Distro. I love you all and cannot wait to see you beyond the wall.

Solidarity Forever,


Noah Coffin 1795167

Ellis Unit

1697 FM 980

Huntsville, TX 77343

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"Contains material solely for the purpose of achieving breakdown of prison through disruption" -Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice mailroom

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