An Open Letter for Public Consumption – by David Annarelli

Monday, June 20, 2022

As the United States celebrates Juneteenth, and a day after Father’s Day, a gross and cruel abuse of humanity is unfolding in real time before my eyes.

House Bill 5148 passed in 2021 during a special session of the Virginia General Assembly. This bill made the attempt to, at least in part, bring the Virginia Department of Corruption (VDOC) into line with the majority of other state’s DOCs and the Federal Bureau of Prisons which provide Good Time Earned Credit reducing sentences to about 65%. Prior to this change Virginia demanded 85% at a minimum and at many VDOC prisons, such as Pocahontas State Corruption Center (PSCC) there has been a deliberate and concerted effort to defraud prisoners of that minimum by way of frivolous and petty in house charges, ensuring they serve 100% of their often already excessive sentences. This change in law goes in to effect July 1, 2022 – in 10 days. Those who are eligible were notified weeks ago.

From the beginning, the law was quite open it its blatant discrimination. Some people, mostly those with violent crimes and statistically the least likely to recidivate, would be denied an increase in earned sentence credit based solely on the crimes for which they were adjudicated and punished. No amount of good behavior would make a difference. Nonetheless there were those who would be eligible, meth cooks for example, and this created a level of hope for all captives. Perhaps, after 400 years of profiteering from the enslavement of other humans, Virginia was finally turning a corner – Enter Governor Youngkin and the new Attorney General.

From the outset of their campaigns, which every fact checker repeatedly pointed out were based on lies and misinformation, these two openly anti-American autocrats made it abundantly cleaar that things such as justice or the constitutional rights of citizens were no longer up for even vague consideration. They would, in fact, take Virginia from among the worst states for criminal justice, with an equally abhorrent DOC, straight to the number one position in both categories, On Friday, June 17, 2022, the autocrats took a major leap in that direction.

Essentially, the Virginia General Assembly, at the behest of the Governor, decided to further disenfranchise 500+ people by rescinding the new law from those who had mixed charges. That is to say, those with both eligible and ineligible charges. Those people, who were anywhere from 10 days to a few months from going home, and who, along with their families, had already been informed they would be reunited after years, sometimes decades, were now about to be informed that, no, they would not be going home after all. This is, to my mind, the sort of thing that makes one wonder – When are the yankees, or anyone, going to come deal with this dangerous threat of state? The answer is clearly: not soon enough.

It should be noted that in the same bill, a budget bill, the Governor asked for “certain demonstrators” to be labeled as felons. You read that correctly. The very dangerous Governor Youngkin wanted Virginia to be the first state where your First Amendment right to gather and redress grievances was made, not only illegal, but a felony. Thankfully, this did not get passed into Law. Again, given the history of Virginia, it should come as no surprise that the attempt was made. This is an occupied territory, a breeding ground and haven for dangerous right-wing fanatics. The VDOC is now and has always been a cabal of slavers hiding in plain sight.

Today is a federal holiday. Without memorandum the PSCC Assistant Warden, on his day off, and a PSCC Sergeant, both with equally notorious records, documented of abusive actions and behaviors towards prisoners, gleefully informed dozens of prisoners of the bad news. The general consensus among PSCC captives seems to be a mixture of terrible disappointment at the prospect of being not included and an understanding that this is the sort of twisted actions of PSCC staff and the maniacs who operate the VDOC.

Virginia is a threat to humanity and must be, forcefully, liberated and dealt with!

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"Contains material solely for the purpose of achieving breakdown of prison through disruption" -Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice mailroom

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