Accelerate the Solidarity Now – by Comrade Z

There is so much metal in the prison’s drinking water that, in the sun, you see the bits shimmering and floating about schools of cancerous compounds. Staring into my cup, the only comparison I can come up with is Goldschlager, that liquor with golden flakes. My ears won’t stop ringing. I can pass the hallway metal detector butt-ass naked and the cheap piece of shit will light up like the New Years Eve ball in Times Square.

So, Warden Bridgette Hayes, Willie Ratliff, Deward Demoss, Mayra Montez, Timothy Williams, Tia Bey, Patty Polk, Brandy Shannon, Charlotte McKnight, Edda Hellela, Dovie Bunch, Cynthia Bridges, Charles Martin, all nine members of the Texas Board of Criminal Justice all have conspired and colluded to “politically lynch” one solid anarchist, activist, Wobbly, and it took a whole team of idiots to do it.

As I sat and watched and learned more about the enemy, Fredrick Gooden was allowed to have the honors of punishing me. I believe this is because the dumb son of a bitch never learned to do anything else except fuck over people and take all their basic necessities to survive a dilapidated and ancient prison. He knows not that by this “political lynching” he not only made me that much more known and dangerous, so much so that it took a team of idiots to file a “cell phone disciplinary case” that never came to fruition.

I’m not guilty of anything other than simply filing a bad motherfucking lawsuit on some sorry-ass racist pieces of shit. You know who you are. If this doesn’t apply then don’t wear the slipper, Cinderella. Did I mention that I’ve got District Attorney Cynthia Bridges and Attorney Charles Martin on it? I say fuck your authority! Fuck the state! I pray that they’re losing sleep over State murder, torture, slavery. It’s coming back to haunt them.

Listen to one union organizer with limited firepower: Capitalists are weak because of false indoctrination and lack of moral compass. Money is a vice. It blinds even the most innocent of people. Remember my words to all my haters: I’ve never been so proud to be punished for being someone, being human. I’ll never raise a hand in anger, but a black flag in love of liberty, a clenched fist in salute to all my comrades and friends in the struggle.

I’ve been “politically lynched: by ACA, TBCJ, TDCJ, Brazoria County District Attorney and Sheriff’s Office. One inmate, completely innocent of all charges. If they had nothing to hide, why’d they justify all my allegations? There it is, go and tell it on a mountain!

Thank you sweet anarchy, for giving me my undying flame to rebel. Blessed be the flame. USDC-Southern District of Texas – Pay us!

Solidarity and Sabotage,



Julio A Zuniga 1961551

Wayne Scott Unit

4 Jester Road

Richmond, Texas 77406

Published by mongoosedistro

"Contains material solely for the purpose of achieving breakdown of prison through disruption" -Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice mailroom

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