Revolutionary Meditations – by Dan Baker


Before we begin we should sweep and clean the area, all genders working equally. Then we should make sure our neighbors have their needs met, and offer food and housing to the poor and full time activists. Then, sit on equal terms and take a moment of silence to focus on the breath while we remember the names and faces of the martyrs. Remembering their sacrifices and inevitable death, we resolve to liberate all beings in this life, cultivating altruism. Think of a quote to repeat for a few minutes. For example, Abdullah Ocalan says, “Truth is love, love is free life!” Now visualize a few inspiring people in detail, great humans such as Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Patanjali, Ghandi, Apo, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Theresa, Emma Goldman, Voltairine DeClayre, Angela Davis, Maya Angelou, Harriet Tubman, John Brown, Malcolm X, and so on, whoever inspires you. Think how you use your body, speech and mind to advance equality, truth, freedom and beauty. Imagine what you can offer to revolutionary movements in your community.

Offer self criticisms, accept criticisms, make efforts to grow as a person, and then offer criticisms to help others grow. Give praise and credit to hardworking activists and cultivate joy for comrades’ success. Ask them to keep working hard for everyone’s freedom and to contribute to the dialectic. Dedicate all of your own successes to the liberation of all beings. Reach out to mentors and ask for guidance and inspiration. Show gratitude to them and to comrades who support your community. Help them, take their advice and practice their teachings. Believe in the power of friendship and cooperation! Your mind is the source of happiness and pain, so see attachment to the oppressive systems of hierarchy, profit driven greed and domination as thieves of happiness and resolve to live in balance with nature and neighbors, enjoying life without clinging.

The nature of the mind is clarity and awareness, being, consciousness and bliss. We have a moral obligation to future generations to create the conditions for happiness and equal freedom. Hiding behind inaction and refusing to take direct action is not the moral high ground – it is cowardice. Cultivate the bravery to defend others or die trying. Suffering exists, it’s caused by attachment and it can end. The way to utopia is to build meaningful centers of resistance and justice against exploitation and power by embracing and building our utopia of freedom. This is how we escape the vicious cycle of pain. Abandon false happiness based on the lies of religion and illusions, live by a code of ethics, cultivate concentration, wisdom, love and compassion. Without morals we will go extinct.

Insincere life is transient, unsatisfactory and selfless. There is no egotistical soul behind your eyelids. All life is precious, so be enthusiastic! The God-Kings are naked and unmasked. When we die they die with us! So instead of living for profit, cultivate the causes for happiness in future generations. Plant seeds, trees, and thoughts. Attachment and aversion to possessions, praise and criticism, reputation and infamy, pleasure and pain – these cause enormous disasters and conflict.

Don’t despair, think of ways to take action. Death is inevitable. What can you do before you die? What makes life meaningful? Visualize being killed by cops in the street, being executed by the State, dying in a war for profit, being blown away by a nuclear bomb and dying of a disease in a pandemic. Then take refuge in a revolutionary movement like the YPG, Zapatistas, Palestine Liberation Organization or the Irish Republican Army by studying their teachings, founders and joining them. Another world is possible.

Choose to engage in constructive actions: Rescue lives from danger, protect others and yourself, practice responsible and consensual sex between adults, speak truth to injustice, practice harmonious speech and kind words, discuss ideology and philosophy, be generous and apply loving kindness. Cultivate attitudes of generosity, ethical discipline, patience, joyful effort, concentration and wisdom. Now, again, visualize your mentors, offer self criticisms, then repair relationships with determination and remedial behavior. Build communities based on intuitive emotional intelligence. The love of truth guarantees free life!

Dan Baker 25765-509

FCI Memphis

PO Box 34550

Memphis, TN 38184

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"Contains material solely for the purpose of achieving breakdown of prison through disruption" -Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice mailroom

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