TDCJ Retaliation and Harassment – by Comrade Z


The Texas Board of Criminal Justice and Texas Department of Criminal Justice are actively sending state agents to retaliate and harass me on an organized level. This is called “conspiring”, “deliberate indifference” and “malice”. Lt. Oki and his 3rd shift sgt. Durabor made a clear statement that I deserve to be locked-up. They initiated an ICS to attempt to scare, intimidate and/or provoke me. I stayed cool, calm, collected. This petty pretext they fabricated was because I refused to give them my ID.

He requested gas masks, OCS-gas and back-up because I supposedly refused to hand him my ID. This is why I have a lawsuit against TBCJ – dumbass officers who abuse their authority to prove that they can do whatever they feel like and get away with it. Often times they get away with it. Well, here’s your chance to call Memorial Unit and request to know how many disciplinary cases have been written on me since I have expressed to the administration that I have a suit against TBCJ. I ask you to email your findings to the United States District Court – Galveston Division. The State of Texas has been using more corruption since I filed than against any other event on this unit. Don’t allow it to go unseen or covered-up. I do not fear any TDCJ administrator, director, or senator. I don’t fear any of them. In fact, I’m filing another lawsuit on the remaining members of TBCJ just because their retaliation let’s me know that I am doing something right.

Willie Ratcliffe is stopping my outgoing mail. Ms. Lincoln-Moon is stopping my grievances again. Now 3rd shift officers are using organized tactics to retaliate, harass and oppress me. This is how TDCJ attempts to impose their slave-breaking tactics on the inmate, by using ignorant and, more often than not, immigrant guards who barely speak English. Coincidence? Not likely. Not if you have 9 well-educated Texas Board of Criminal Justice committee members running the show.

This is a call to action, and any legal assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Current list of retaliative officers and staff:

Ms. Polk

Ms. Shannon

Capt. McKnight

Officer Dorber

Sgt. Bey

Officer Hafford

Officer Baugh

Lt. Oki

E-mail this all to district court judges!

Solidarity and Sabotage,

Comrade Z

IWW-IWOC Local 613 #1

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"Contains material solely for the purpose of achieving breakdown of prison through disruption" -Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice mailroom

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