The War of the Flea, Part 3: A Narrative Infestation – by Greyscale the Mosquito

We have seen the smash-and-grab “robberies” that are now a daily part of the news cycle, adding the recent train “robberies” on the west coast, a clear example of people no longer accepting the cronie-capitalism that has dominated western civilization since forever, for all to see. We have also seen the recent uptick in “ambushing police” with 13 foot soldiers shot in one day. This is what is happening, according to the news media which, left or right biased, is still nothing more than an apparatus of the state. So, the narrative being put forward is of paramount importance and so, along with the numerous other soft areas I’ve suggested as places for fleas to bite, the narrative being told must be addressed and rewritten to portray a more accurate truth.

The smash-and-grab “robberies” would be a good place to start. After all, the state loves a “law & order” narrative to cover up its perpetual siphoning away of citizens’ resources, and therefore ability, to challenge its dominion. To anyone who is paying any attention, the state has become the obvious problem. Certainly, within its own structure there is the internal conflict between the Nazi-right and Marxist-left, with the smattering of “moderates” who only want the machine to keep running. But, that is a non-issue and no more than a distraction from the real problem. The state, and the law & order paradigm (which is the tool of the state), is used solely for the purposes of perpetuating the state and to oppress any attempts to usurp or interrupt that power-hold. In fact, it is a clearly understood fact that, contrary to the party-line, the more laws we have the more problems are created, the more the state clamps down. Wash, rinse, repeat.

The proportionality has been exposed, so the nobility and aristocrats can no longer pretend that there isn’t a massive riff between us (the citizens) and them, our Lords and Ladies. As the nobility becomes increasingly engorged on the fruits of our labor, we gain that old fashioned Robin Hood mentally, a natural instinct and the greatest response of any human to unchecked greed and avarice. This has been articulated a hundred different ways over the millennia, but so-called theft and black market operations are assuredly among the oldest and universal options. Interestingly enough, the government (the state), knows this as a means. It is how it came to be in the first place, in which it criminalizes all forms of theft that is not its own. This is why the state went so hard after, first, the Italian mafia, and then all “organized crime” as a whole. There will be no competition. The state will be the ONLY gang in their territory. Now, smash-and-grab train robberies, etc. don’t seem so new, extreme, or out of place. In fact, they are expected and should be encouraged.

Everyone seems to be targeting the economy’s soft-spot, as seen by the growing protests by truckers worldwide. Covid mandates provide an easy cover-story, but I sense a manipulation of information on social media fueling a pissed-off citizenry during the opening stages of a major civil conflict. Yes, the civil war has already begun ten years ago. These truckers took protesting to a level of economic warfare, and hats off to them. They have blocked not just one, but three ports of entry, disrupting already damaged supply chains and showing a larger unity across international borders. Even their own unions, crying to stop such attacks, were ignored. Not only does it unify, but it serves clearly to expose the false narratives of the state. If you do not comply, the state will use force to subdue you, and it will do so while talking about your “rights” and how they, the nobility, represent the citizen’s rights. Hypocrisy at its best. The narratives of the state hold no water. To quote Bob Marley, “Every day the bucket go to the well, I say one day the bottom must drop out… I shot the sheriff.”

This brings me to the rising number of assaults on law enforcement officers. Let me be the first to say – GOOD! This gang of bastard foot soldiers for the nobility have been murdering, racketeering, extorting and robbing citizens for far too long, while paying no price. The Sheriff of Nottingham is corrupt and must be dealt with. Everything you are told about this gang of blue miscreants is a flat out lie. They are not your friends. They are not here to help you. They are not good members of your community. They are not heroes of any kind. They are a militant gang of enforcers, beholden to nobody but themselves, and occasionally the nobles whose dirty work they do.

That being understood, the proper narrative should read as, “13 More Enemies of the Citizens Have Been Shot”, or maybe “Oppressors Take Hit As Resistance Bares It’s Teeth After Centuries Under the Boots and Clubs of Blue Bastards”, or even “State Sponsored Terrorist Troops Dealt With by Freedom Fighters”. The reason there is a rise in resistance is because once the veil has been lifted you cannot un-see the truth. The truth is that police are nothing more than a gang of terrorists who do the bidding of the state. They will take what they want from you, including your life, and they must be dealt because there is no time left. This is not “lawfulness” as the nobility would have you think, but the natural, well considered act of those who will no longer willfully consent to being oppressed. Praise goes to the resistance fighters. Condemnation goes to the blue soldiers of oppression. Police must always be referred to as state sponsored terrorists.

There are still those who tow the party-line for the state and would attempt to bait you in to some empty philosophical/political debate about such a stance. Be not drawn in to such a foolish, age old play. It will be used as means to push the state’s false narrative. There will be no real debate, that is to say an honest exchange of ideas for the purpose of arriving at some truth. Instead, the state-actor will engage in a set of traps, hidden in their cyclical arguments, designed to befuddle and silence any dissenting opinions, while bolstering their false narratives.

There is more to be done. Time is short.

I am Greyscale the Mosquito

& this is The War of the Flea

in bite-sized pieces

Published by mongoosedistro

"Contains material solely for the purpose of achieving breakdown of prison through disruption" -Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice mailroom

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