Contaminated Water at TDCJ Memorial Unit – Call for Solidarity from Comrade Z

January 13, 2022

The Texas Board of Criminal Justice has decided to kill more slaves in the Texas Department of Minimal Justice by allowing their violent, racist policy to allow regular-Joes off the streets of Texas to use violent force on inmates for petty shit.,, Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, Texas Civil Rights Project, Fire Ant Collective, TEAMONE, Empty Cages Collective, and Anarchist Communist Group are actively on board with IWOC-Texas to bring the “TBCJ” into the spotlight for allowing these racist slaveholder policies to continue.

IWW-IWOC Texas is calling every last one of you to join up and campaign with us against “TBCJ” in 2022. Us IWOCs on Memorial Plantation are requesting that our comrades call in the “EPA” to survey our water. It’s contaminated. The laundry department is being neglected by Huntsville. Prisoners do not even have towels available. The captain refuses to order what this unit needs in order to save the state money. We want her replaced with a Major, just like we got the chow-hall fixed. Captain Page, violent and racist piece of shit, needs to be removed, as well as Major Gooden and Major Cooper.

We are requesting that comrades make it a priority to get air conditioning and heating installed for prisoners. Also, general population does not have an equal amount of phones as medium-custody. This is obviously done to create friction between inmates, another “TBCJ” tactic to create environments of violence. We want phones installed ASAP.

Sgt. Williams is not reporting the drugs introduced by staff members, but has knowledge of all the drugs coming into the unit. This is then used against the inmate by Sgt. Williams drug testing inmates to send them to ad-seg and push them to suicide. This tactic is going on all over six regions of TDCJ. I am requesting that people of the community do a thorough investigation on all of Sgt. Williams’ agendas. A 20 year veteran stuck in a sergeant position is a red flag. Huntsville has placed this man here to harm inmates administratively.

I ask you to post this info on all anarchist media sites to help us combat the policy that is only designed to punish. No rehabilitation is offered at all. This is too obvious of malicious intent to ignore. Don’t let this go unseen, with all the flaws a 90 year old plantation has, drug addiction is not the worst. Cancer causing water is. Stop the bullshit!

Contact me. Let’s agitate in 2022.

Solidarity and Sabotage,

Comrade Z

Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee – Local 613 #1

  • Industrial Workers of the World (Delegate)

Write Comrade Z at:

Julio A. Zuniga 1961551

Memorial Unit

59 Darrington Road

Rosharon, Texas 77583

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"Contains material solely for the purpose of achieving breakdown of prison through disruption" -Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice mailroom

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