The War of the Flea – by Greyscale the Mosquito

On the subject of revolution, those proponents of such an action would tell you that no better a time than now has a legitimate revolt against the U.S. System been possible. I do think I would agree with this assessment. Our country is splintering now that so much of its workings have been quite clearly revealed as illusions, or window dressings, to cover up and hide those evils which most citizens were aware of, but were able to brush aside as they looked the other way. The days of “as long as it’s not in my backyard it is not my problem” are long gone. Fascists are openly usurping fundamental rights. Nazis openly march in the streets. Establishment soldiers (the police) are openly murdering people which shows them to be no more than state sponsored terrorists and at least one group of political militants were able to successfully mount an insurrection, even if they were too stupid to know what to do with their political and military victory. Revolt is in the air, moreover, it is likely the only option left. Reform is merely a window dressing for the continuation of the status quo.

The question then begs to be asked: How do you go about taking down the system? There is certainly a need for a level of haste. To seize upon the moment and sentiment of an angry citizenry tired of never seeing change, among all the growing crisis and perpetual failure of the elite caste. Yet there is also the need for temperance and prudence in the planning and execution of such an action. You certainly wouldn’t want to charge into, say, the Capitol bulding without more of a plan than to take selfies of yourself and your compatriots. That would be the height of folly and arrogance, the likes of which has led us to this very point of history in America. So, how do we go about removing the establish,ent, its system and the brainwashed lackeys who defend it?

This seems an easy thing to answer, to my mind, and it is the mustering of those who are willing to act that will be the more difficult thing. There are many glitches in the system, so creating disruptions is simple. Just look at how simply a virus, a microscopic organism affected the entire country: the economy, resources, political divisions, morale, trust in any agency that is government-related, from the local to the national level. The for-profit healthcare system, the for-profit justice system, the for-profit tech giants who deliberately or by weay of complacency are aiding in the festering of dissent and conflict… The “how” of it is a simple matter of “Which failed system or glitch would you care to exploit and in what way would you care to do so?” Easy.

But “who” will commit the acts? That is the biggert question, the one that asks those who want to see such things occur and elevate into national (armed?) resistance, to risk all their “freedom and liberty” in acting according to their convictions. That is the hard part of the plan. We’re not discussing protests or the burning of a local neighborhood without purpose. We’re not even discussing something akin to the January 6th psuedo-insurrection, though, much as I hate to give those Nazi hicks credit, they certainly took things to a new level, giving every U.S. Citizen an example on how to act accordingly or even raise the bar another notch. We’re talking of coordinated national disruptions of every system mentioned above and in the ensuing conflict and confusion taking down establishment holds such as local and state governments, specifically police and courts, banks, industry and other resources that are the fulcrum of oppressive power used against us.

We’re obviously not going to see that happen in the timeframe it needs to. It is quite likely that the January 6th incident and the resulting FBI crackdown made every group a bit shy towards acting in such a way. Others may have become aware of just how real it is when it’s an act as opposed to a chatroom conversation and only theoretical. A few were probably empowered by the realization of what could be, and they are currently plotting while biding their time, wisely, though again: haste is needed now to accelerate things.

So I think what is needed are more diret actions that disrupt the system. We need hackers to target very near to the core: police departments and state DOCs, not only to expose the internal corruptions, but to also delete huge swaths of data from being accessed in use against us. Target distribution chains and further erode supply chains. “A hungry mob is an angry mob”, as the saying goes. In fact, target all parts of the economy, not with the intent of leaking data, but with the intent of causing long term disruptions of services, of every kind. The same logic applies to infrastructure too. Knock out the power grid, especially in those regions still using coal fire and gas plants. The oil industry. Death by a thousand paper cuts. There is no need for hitting the problem in one big attack, where a swarm of fleas or misquitoes would fair far better, much quicker and with more likelihood of remaining mobile and active to bite again.

But again, where the people who are willing to act? That is the question to which we have an answer. At least one reason that there is no answer, to my mind, is that in truth Americans, whose “freedom and liberty” came at the cost of a revolt 244 years ago, no longer have any convictions. Americans talk a big game but are too lazy and apathetic to risk their own comfort for real and lasting change. Americans are mostly armchair-quarterbacks who drink shit beer and have all the courage it takes to type up whatever on the internet but readily crap their pants when trouble shows up at the door. I say this as I am held illegally in prison, after police with no warrant and no justification for being on my property, in the dark of the night, kicked open my door without knocking or identifying themselves and opened fire on me during a mental health crisis. I returned fire and five pellets of birdshot caused a minor injury from a richochet. I had never committed a crime in my life. I defended myself from unknown intruders and I was the one put in prison. America is a sinking ship of tyranny.

I put every effort into flushing this corruption-center of money. I destroy every piece of clothing and flush it down the toilet. I flush everything down the toilet. I send copies of official memos out to be photoshopped into harmful bits with official DOC headers and signatures. I write hundreds of letters a year to activists and advocates, leaking every little bit of info I am able to as long as it’s legimate. Honesty is a weapon. I’ve faced so many reprocussions for my activism, physical and psychological violence, all as I try to get back into court where I can prove, without a doubt, police and prosecutorial misconduct.

So I ask you… What have you done to tear down the system, which is so clearly an enemy of its citizens? What are you willing to do? What sort of paper cut are you able to inflict, get away with, and re-inflict on a different part of the system’s body?

I am Greyscale the Mosquito and this is the War of the Flea.

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"Contains material solely for the purpose of achieving breakdown of prison through disruption" -Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice mailroom

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