Rants and Ravings #3 – by Harlequin

Revolutionary greetings! In this issue, I will talk about Covid-19, vaccines, the Capitol Hill Riot investigations, and Hurricane Ida.

First off, Covid-19 and vaccines are widely being made a political issue. It began with Trump and his cronies, and it still continues. When are our governmental leaders going to realize and acknowledge that the pandemic is not a political platform and take this seriously? Governor DeSantis and other state governors are prohibiting mask and vaccine mandates, putting their citizens at further risk. The fact that masks and vaccines are crucial to saving lives doesn’t seem to matter to these people. Currently, the unvaccinated adults and children are dying and ICU beds are full. It’s high time that our leaders take this pandemic seriously and take action to curb the infection rate!

And what’s up with the Republicans scrambling to cover up the actions at the Capitol Hill riot? We have a Republican senator, who’s not to be named, threatening companies with legal action if they cooperate with investigators and turn over documents relating to the riot. I have to wonder, what are they afraid of? What do they stand to lose if everything comes to the light? Why not just let the truth come out?

Finally, we have the devastation caused by Hurricane Ida. All through the South and Northeast massive destruction was caused by Ida. At least 52 people died, and massive flooding took place in New Orleans, Philadelphia, New York City and elsewhere. Ida was a Category 4, just one step away from being the worst there could be. And yet politicians are divided about climate change and are reluctant to take necessary steps toward making changes to our care of the environment. Drastic action needs to take place, and NOW! We cannot afford to continue to procrastinate and wait. The next hurricane or other natural disaster may just be the end of humanity. We are living in the midst of a ticking time bomb. NOW is the time to act!

Until next time,

In Struggle,


Thomas Flick LJ9467

SCI Mahanoy

PO Box 33028

St. Petersburg, FL 33733

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"Contains material solely for the purpose of achieving breakdown of prison through disruption" -Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice mailroom

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