Government Lies, Trumpism and Government Charity – by Harlequin

Q: How do you know when a politician is lying?

A: Their mouth is open and speaking!

This may be a quirky quip designed to get a chuckle out of people, but it certainly speaks the sinister truth! The truth is that politicians lie and scheme each step of the way to convince the people to vote for them and get them in the office they’re running for. Time and time again, these same politicians fail to follow through with their promises to the people, although it was the people that put them into the seat of power. Then the game playing begins., Have you noticed that, especially a lot lately, that every time something goes haywire in this country, politicians are quick to blame everything on another country. Lately China and Russia are the USA’s favorite scapegoats. It never occurs to these corrupt people in power that the problem may come from within.

When Trump got into office as POTUS everyone looked at Russia for somehow rigging the election results. China was blamed for the Coronavirus pandemic. Russia was blamed for the attack on a vital pipeline system in the country. Yet, this isn’t something new. This practice of scapegoating has been going on since the beginning of the inception of capitalism and imperialism. The blame is always shifted.

Lets touch on Trump. What an utterly incompetent, egotistical maniac! He terrorized the nation when in office in 2016 and he refused to accept that he lost in 2020. Fascism will always attempt to gain power at any means necessary. In 2016, we were given the option of voting for two fascist idiots to be “commander in chief” of the nation. We live in a country where we are told who we can vote for. Biden is no better. Yes, he stepped in and pushed for trillions of dollars in aid, but it’s not free money, people! We will be paying for that for generations. Our taxpayer money will pay for both the CARES Act and the stimulus money. Also, a little known fact: The 1.2 trillion dollar bill that Biden signed payed for a nonessential subway system for speaker-of-the-house Nancy “Piglosi” Pilosi. She now has a subway system essentially in her backyard for use in commuting into work every day. We are paying for a luxury gifted to Piglosi.

We live in a world of greed. At the start of the pandemic, millions of tons of food was dumped, all because capitalist corporations couldn’t make a profit from it. Yet, we have millions dying from hunger daily across the globe. This nation produces enough food in one day to feed the entire world for a year.

We need a revolution to overthrow the capitalist pigs! How long will we stand by and allow all of this to happen? I know my conscience will not allow me to just sit back and watch this unfold. I am involved in teaching others, helping them to WAKE UP to reality. So – won’t you join me in this struggle to save our world before it’s too late?

In Struggle,


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