Dear Anarchists – by Jeffrey Prager

Dear Anarchists

We are anarchists

At war, the government the target

We won’t stop till it’s a carcass

Politics, we shall abolish it

All of it!

Police officers…

The ones sworn to protect?

Ha Ha I object!

I better stop before I get a bullet in my back

or a knee on my neck, choking out “I Can’t Breathe”


And y’all have the nerve to steal our tax dollars

claiming to clean up the neighborhood

Yet you sell “confiscated” drugs back on the streets

and while Uncle Sam’s building high rises

the lower class struggles to make ends meet

That little girl at school?

Those are the only meals she eats

(You see)

If you can’t read between the lines

We’re struggling just fine

We don’t need y’alls help

So you can take your Constitutions

and shove it…

Back on your shelf.


Jeffrey Prager 2060601

810 FM 2821

Huntsville, TX 77349

Published by mongoosedistro

"Contains material solely for the purpose of achieving breakdown of prison through disruption" -Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice mailroom

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