Rosicrucian Manifesto – by Br@n Sc@m

Many believe that freemasonry sprouted out of the earlier mystical traditions of the rosicrucians, a secret society with secret knowledge, said to play major roles in revolutions throughout America, France and much of Europe, known to be heavily involved in the occult, alchemy and mysticism. Also, the reformation of society and self-improvement, ‘rosicrucian’, comes from the Latin meaning “rose” and “cross”. The significance of the cross is the crucifix, a symbol of divine love and illumination, but is also an ancient solar symbol with numeral and geometric significance. It can also represent the four directions and four elements, the intersection between heaven and earth, god and man, male and female, and is known to many Native American tribes as a medicine wheel, which could be the four sacred directions and the four worlds. The rose represents love, purity and beauty, and also the passing of time. It also can represent secrecy. The Latin phrase sub rosa means “in secret”. The color red in the rose represents blood.

It is said that rosicrucian societies have existed from 1614 to this present day. It’s also said the rosicrucian fraternity was founded in the early 15th century by a German nobleman who had the allegorical name Christian Rosenkreutz. Said to have traveled and gained secret knowledge as a youth, he soon gathered eight disciples to teach. Rosenkreutz died in 1484 at the age of 104. The disciples of Rosenkreutz branched off and began training they’re own successors. Rosenkreutz had taught his disciples how to study the hidden forces of nature, the art of alchemy and medicine and how to harness the power of magic, all to be used to cause change and to transform society for the good of all. The end result would be a utopian vision. This meant overturning the established order. According to the manifestos, the eight original disciples were known as “the invisibles” or “the invisible college”.

In 1874, an anti-slavery campaigner by the name of Paschal Beverly Randolph founded the rosicrucian orders in Nashville and San Francisco. He committed suicide a year later. His legacy was soon inherited by R. Swinburne Clymer, who brought together a number of small societies under the banner of the Fraternitas Rosae Crucis (Fellowship of the Rosy Cross), or FRC. The FRC still exists today and is known as the Beverly Hall Corporation. Many believe that rosicrucism and freemasonry were of separate philosophies which mixed together in the 18th century. As with the Illuminati influence, the cross used by rosicrucian societies is also a chemical symbol for “light”. The illuminati can be traced back as far as 1776, when they were publicly identified. Noone is sure about when it was founded. Some say it was founded by a reptillian race from another planet to rule over humans and create a slave race. A sort of game or mining operation, the Illuminati is just one of many secret societies with Muslim ideals and their sights set on a world government, controlling all authority, using mind control and nano-technology, causing a worldwide pandemic for population control and for an excuse to put microchips beneath our skin using a vaccine, technology so microscopic that it’s in the vaccine. Modern day medicine handed out by the Red Cross, a symbol of two serpents intertwined looking like DNA molecules, the Red Cross may be an organization founded by the rosicrucians (the rosy cross) with a mix of the two serpents. Maybe a reptilian organization? Could this be a space race trying to gain total control, or just a human made fraternity using television and meth to control your minds?

Not many people know, but the two founders of the Mormon church (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) were freemasons. In the 1800s-1900s the Mormon church had spread from Utah to the lands of the Navajo and Hopi. This spread secrets among many Navajo men, and also a small following that man do not know about. Already infested with withcraft, the Navajo lands were also home to many medicine men and women who were healers and crystal gazers. It was an area of good and evil, the good being the medicine men and women, and the evil being the shapeshifters and Navajo witches that take the shapes of wolves, owls, cougers and horses. From this, many secret societies were formed within the witches, clans of shapeshifters who practiced actual magic.

The House of Old being one of the clans, pretty much the most talked about around Tuba City, Arizona, this clan dates back to when the Mormon settlers came to the area. It’s said that they mixed some freemason ideals with their practices, which were adopted by the shapeshifter clan. It’s said that the House of Old are people who lived through the 1800s and are still living to this day. I have no doubt that this clan is still out on that reservation. I’m a resident of the Navajo nation and I see a lot of witchcraft and hear a lot of people talk. I’ve seen men turn into dogs. I’ve watched a man run through the desert at night and crawul up on a big rock only to turn into some kind of dog on two legs and hop off fifteen feet into the air. I’ve seen a woman’s face turn into ten other faces. I’ve seen a man with horse legs and an antelope head. I’ve had corpse powder blown into my face and I blacked out. So, I have no doubt that the House of Old exists. On the reservation, it’s very isolated and a lot of stories are told. Alot of things are seen and a lot of things remain mysterious.

Are you in control of your life? Ask yourself that question. Listen very carefully to the next song you hear. That’s my song to you. Stay in control of your life. Don’t be swayed into a corner. Fuck those feelings of fear ’cause it ma just be a frequency emitted by satlellite by DARPA or some other technology. Don’t think that God is evil because of religious wars. Secret societies wage war, not God. People ask me why I believe in God. They say, “I thought you were an anarchist?” Being an anarchist doesn’t mean I’m against God. Anarchos is a Greek word that means “without government”. I believe in God ’cause my Navajo tradition also has stories of the creator – “God”, and Jesus Christ went against the Roman government. That makes Jesus an anarchist. So, open up your eyes and live your lives.

Stay in control,

Br@n Sc@m

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Tuba City, AZ 86045

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