Stop the Illusion – by Comrade Z

Prisons are not operating to rehabilitate you, but to tame, train and punish. The truth is out there: Mass corruption is everywhere in Texas, especially in TDCJ, and you, the very one they call a “resident”, is really a commodity. Your ID says “offender”, instead of worker/slave. TDCJ has no real intention of fixing you. Out of 100 units you only have one mental health facility, which is constantly reached out to by extremes to gain respite from the real TDCJ agenda – to exploit you. Why is TDCJ perpeprating to support PREA when they are the very reason why people get sexually assaulted/harassed? TDCJ creates the conditions by oppressing you and your family by not allowing them to send money or friends, yet you are expected to make them hundreds of thousands of dollars every day because TDCJ is a for-profit business, and you are how.

I have to give you workers a bit of education. You can change it all; it’s in our hands; we run the machines, the chow halls, laundries, every aspect of prison operation is dependent on us. Take workers power back into your hands. Stop the illusion. You are individuals with the most power, and I say unto the brothers: Collectively organized, we are unstoppable.

Development of organic ways to correct injustices o not lie in the hands of a peon warden or politician. It belongs to the community, the ones who are trying to help us now. The new culture of the criminal justice in place now is being taught here in TDCJ. “Strike First and Not Last”. This was how the US Department of Labor would make observations of Mexicans in Arizona from 1907-1917. The working class was observed as a threat since before us. History is repeating itself. Just pay attention to what’s happening in South Texas. “The problem with Mexicans is that strike comes first and not last.” Again, this is exactly how I am working to emancipate my brothers and sisters “in white”.

In 1905, Lucy Gonzales Parsons was fighting the same battle and made waves across the United Snakes of Amerika.

Lucy taught us:

…and let me say to you brothers and sisters, remember that we are here as one brotherhood and one sisterhood, as one humanity, with a responsibility to the downtrodden and the oppressed of all humanity, it matters not under what flag or in what country they happen to be born in.”

As she continues, she spoke on the issues of gender equality:

We the women of this country have no ballot even if we wished to use it, and the only way that we can be represented is to take a man to represent us. You men have made such a mess of it in representing us that we have not much confidence in asking you, and I for one feel very backard in asking the men to represent me. We have no ballot, but we have our labor. We are exploited more ruthlessly than men. Wherever wages are to be reduced, the capitalist class use the women to reduce them, and if there is anything that you men should do in the future, it is to organize the women.”

Brothers, as Texas Local Charter IWOC delegate, there is no doubt in my heart that our sisters in TDCJ need us. If the agency has you terrified of a bullshit disciplinary csae for free speech, can you imagne the mothers in TDCJ, threatened by removal from children they created. It goes deeper than this, but my point is, this union is for us to down the machine making millions upon millions on our blood and sweat.

Lucy Parsons goes on to say:

The tools belong to the toiler. They are owned by the capitalist class. Do you believe they will allow you to go into the halls of the legislature and simply say, “Be it enacted, the capitalist shall no longer own the tools, and the factories and the places of industry, the ships that plow the oceans and our lakes?”

Do you think they will submit? I do not, hence when you roll under your tongue the expression that you are revolutionists, remember what that word means. It means a revolution that shall turn all these things over to where they belong – to the true producers of wealth.

A south Texan, speaking such beautiful words is just incredible, and like Lucy Parsons, I am a member of the IWW, and a delegate, as she was. Making the state of Texas tremble in fear with my organizing has been the greatest revenge I’ve ever imposed on an entity, a corupt agency, and my hand is extended to all brothers, sisters, fellow Texans. Please, stop supporting and keeping alive those who aim to kill you. Stop and demand your rights. Join the One Big Union. Join us in Texas Local Charter-IWOC (Houston Branch) to end prison slavery and force parole legislation that is tangible for the workers of the state. We have the power. In solidarity we make it happen for ourselves. No reforms, no substituting one corruption for another. Abolition. Let the new become the new. We let TDCJ die because it has no place in a colorful world. Just look around you.

Bill “Big Bill” Haywood said:

You all come to Amerika with the expectation of improving your conditions. You expected to find a land of the free, but you found we of Amerika were but economic slaves as you were in your own home. I come to extend to you tonight the hand of brotherhood with no thought to nationality. There is no foreigner here except the capitalist and he will not be a foreigner long, for we will make a worker of him. Do not let them divide you by sex, color, creed or nationality, for as you stand today you are invincible. The IWW is composed of different nationalities and with sucha fighting committee you can beat “billy wood” [police repression]. Billy Wood can beat a Polishman, in fact he beat all the Polish, but he cannot beat all the nationalities put together. The foreign worker upon landing here is made to feels that he is inferior to the native product. The foreigner naturally resents being treated thus. At the same time, he cannot prove his equality or superiority because of the lack of dominating language. In IWW meetigs the foreigner is at the same disadvantage and as a rule little attention is given him. If the agitator does not actually feel that foreigner is every bit as intelligent and revolutionary as the native, he had better not mingle with him. Yet the organizer who goes out of his way to make the foreign element at ease finds that he is given more hearty support than the natives show. If you are a wage worker you are welcome in the IWW halls, no matter what your color.”

By this you may see that the IWW is not a white man’s union, but a working man’s union, all of the working class in One Big Union. Educate, organize, emancipate. My goals are for all men and women in TDCJ to understand the capitalist mindset and the tools and tactics they utilize to ensure the slaves stay terrorized and obedient. That way we will understand how to destroy it.

I am changing the “no win” policy by force. I’ve been alone for the whole first part, but I never gave up, and now that I have made my presence known, our business is to unite and organize, hit the most strategic areas of TDCJ’s operations that are inmate run, and hand the reigns back to the oppressor. Let them slave the farm themselves while we speak our minds and bring our demands to fruition. The hard part is not uniting, it’s organizing. We need to open as many lines of communication, so bring your family into it. Kids, wives, moms, pops, everyone.

For membership to Texas Local-IWOC, feel free to contact

our facilities in Kansas City:

Briana Peril

PO Box 414304

Kansas City, MO 64141

Lets get it!



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"Contains material solely for the purpose of achieving breakdown of prison through disruption" -Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice mailroom

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