The Citizenship is Sinking – by Kado

Eastham Unit, February 2021

No visitation for almost a year. No regular access to phone calls and we’re on a “security lockdown” while cops go cell block by cell block to tear up our property. Nevermind there’s “quarantined” blocks due to the dreaded Covid. Shingles outbreaks too, which to me has more merit to be cautious about. The fact that these cops are cool with such “cross contamination” just shows that they know as well as I do that the Covid bullshit is just an excuse to handle us. Snow in the forecast means no mailroom staff. It’s astounding how many “laws” these cops break while being enforcers of the Law.

Beyond these walls folks, folks are calling similar shots to the public. Pelosi gets outted getting her hair done , maskless, at a salon she is responsible for just about bankrupting. Biden roams maskless and free along with family on “federal land” the day he mandates otherwise. Cuomo, Lightfoot, democrats, republicans, senator, governor, etc. All the same assholes that put these restrictions on us don’t follow them themselves. Not a single one has missed a payday either, while the “nobodies” lose everything. That is the point.

I used to tell myself, after so much becomes evident, people will fight back. Well if it hasn’t happen by now, then that’s a wrap. It’s gonna be those small pockets of us that resist what’s ahead, and only if we’re able to. Being ready to go that route means the difference between having a shot and being beaten before the tussle starts. I say it has already begun.

Action is already being taken to snuff out any resistance to the future rule of the public. The propaganda machine has just kept everyone distracted. I am in the end result, and helpless if these cops cut my water, my power, my food, everything. They bring that five-man team with gas and riot gear to get me. It’s only a short matter of time with very little resistance before they do as they please. Nobody understands subjugation better than me. Instead of a five-man team out there, it’s the National Guard. They’ve got control of your food, your water, even your power if you’re not prepared. Don’t wait to see if or when they’ll shut it down. Prepare for it, because they have been for a longtime.

The United States of America is a corporation whose jurisdiction is applicable only in the ten mile square parcel of land known as the District of Columbia (Washington DC) and to whatever properties are legally titled to the United States by its registration in the corporate county, state and federal governments that are under military power of the United States and its creditors.

The above mentioned was enacted February 21, 1871 and concerns any who may be ignorant of what’s been afoot for individuals and our “freedoms” since. Are you free? Do you know how far corporate America has come in it’s aim for totalitarian dictatorship since 1871? What it means that Washington DC is being added to the union now? Well, I’m an anarchist and you won’t catch me voting or entertaining political fiascos, participating in statism or similar nonsense. My aim is to topple them or in the least, allow them to implode upon themselves, but to know thy enemy is key to survival. Knowledge of what’s going down is beyond important.

The ball got rolling in 1871. Then, in 1933, that said corporation called in all debts payable in gold only, effectively bankrupting the banks. Individuals who had accounts in gold lost out and received nothing. The banks were reopened by corporate America under “a new system” – dollars. Nothing more than “I owe you” promissory notes. Then in 1935, the Gold Reserve Act made it to be illegal to privately own gold. Debt begins as commonplace.

Anyone whose been alive awhile may be able to tell you social security numbers were “voluntary” at one time. When created, that account info wasn’t mandatory nor supposed to be for identification purposes. Getting a birth certificate also used to be voluntary. It’s also a contract naming you a debtor, not to mention a means of tracking you.

The fact that the corporation of America has been now spent about a full year expending the amassed wealth (by the deception of issuing promissory notes, but getting free labor in return since 1933), while keeping people locked down, scared and unproductive means shit is about to go south for individuals and their “freedoms”.

Scare tactics have kept people disoriented and “shelter in place” keeps them from organizing revolt. Gun laws are being enacted to remove as much possibility of rebellion as possible, while for the past year every nation worldwide uses the same protocol, which tells me all I need to know. This is the gloves coming off and the smooth sort of control going out the window. We’re being conditioned for the new world government, which will be a police state under martial law, where you get what you’re given and do what you’re told. Think that’s far fetched? Well, then you don’t know history. You don’t know how elitists have done exactly such things and can track their wealth back to the bastards who did such acts in the past. “Old Money”, as the term goes.

Monopolies have been set by corporate America on every aspect of life and the means to it. Land, water, labor, even travel! Those bastards charge you, vet you and track you if you try to leave, and lock you up if you don’t pay their fee. I don’t know about you, but to me, that’s not freedom. The corporation charges you a fee to hunt food for the table, regulating what you do. You’ll be fined if caught catching rainwater for your home, and meters are now mandated for water wells on privately owned property. Whether growing gardens or raising hens, they control it.

People largely used to farm little, living off the land, and be quite self reliant. Countrysides used to hold plenty of families and communities, but the trade cartel beggared them in their endeavors to make it on their small trade efforts, forcing 90% of them to funnel into cities. Why do you think that is? How many in the cities are conditioned to depend upon the government? The economy? How many would be freezing or hungry, or helpless during a so-called pandemic had they not been herded like cattle to the cities? Did you know it’s a crime to be penniless? Yep – vagrancy is an arrestable offense. It seems these assholes are willing to cram their baking and promissory system down your throat.

All the rats abandon ship as it sinks. The money is being sapped out and redirected while we sit on our hands. Venezuelans saw that same show. They sat on their hands too long. Rise to the occasion.



Noah Coffin 01795167

Eastham Unit

2665 Prison Road 1

Lovelady, Texas 75851

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"Contains material solely for the purpose of achieving breakdown of prison through disruption" -Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice mailroom

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