Call To Solidarity For Texas Prisoners – by Comrade Z

Am I ready to stop taunting and playing with my oppressor’s feeling? No! I’m not, but people are now calling me out on my unorthodox tactics that have been effective, so effective Huntsville is now shaking in their boots. Don’t believe me? Alright Texas, I encourage you to call my unit and ask. They’d be so happy to report that one anarchist abolitionist has managed to expose every single piece of shit officer to the media and to their own people. It’s still ongoing, just as is the discrimination in the mailroom, because I am a member of the Industrial Workers of the World-Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee. Only now, I’ve got to act; time has called for abolition. Yes, it is true. State reps and city council members are standing for reform, but are you really willing to risk being dealt another brand of lies? Texas prisoners are the reason Texas Dept. of Minimal Justice is still clinging to life. Slaves in love with the Texas Slave Tradition are the reason we are stuck on Stupid! Instead of aiming for true liberation and control of our own fates, you placed your trust in your oppressor.

This is Comrade Z, reppin’ Texas IWOC. Shout out to all my organizers on Dirty Darrington. Sup wassup, E-Line! Alright, news flash: those men who remember the events of December 18th, 2020 – 3 Row, 12 cell, E-Line, Intelligence Officers sent to my cell to inform me that I was being discriminated against by disciplinary case. Just know, and pay attention who is still here and who’s not. That’s right, I’m going to retaliate on every officer that writes a bullshit case. Wardens involved, I got something for you. Try me! Anyway, to my organizers, the Prison Show is going to be utilized by our Fellow Workers in the very near future, so begin listening in for Ms. Linda’s shoutouts.

Comrades, stay vigilant. Educate yourselves, reach out to our facilitators, request Abolition Libraries Press through Joergen at PrisonsKill so you can have literature sent to you, and request “contact support”, which is available now. Ask to be put on the list.

I have been very effective in showing Huntsville their bullshit ways. After complaining about Sgt. Estrada and his co-conspirators, Huntsville set off a campaign of their own. They began to speed up convictions of pending K2, cellphone, etc. cases, including my own phone case, for which I plead out to 2 years. However, I am showing you how quickly and how easily “virtual visitation” was magically produced for the capitalist agenda.

Me and hundreds of others all across the State of Texas got a visit with county judges and attorneys. Yet, here we are struggling and suffering without visitations. Pay attention comrades, TDCJ is using tactics, not policy. If they tell you phone calls are only allowed every 90 days, so fuck phone calls. Demand virtual visitation. We are not trying to ask you for a 5 minute bullshit call. Demand your right to visitation. TDCJ is trying to figure out how to make money off of your families visiting you. Don’t let it go down. Stop fuckin’ working. Stop and regain leverage. You are the only reason TDCJ is still breathing, and no one is benefiting except your oppressor and their families. Again, stop working. Stop!!

Open your eyes and realize that we need to end TDCJ. As you can see, the reaction to reform has them committing crimes against one man, me, to silence the proletariat. They are trying to starve me, to break me. Pay attention to TDCJ tactics and realize that they are very aware that you have more power than they are comfortable with. Use it to your advantage. True liberation means ending TDCJ and allowing the people to regain control. TDCJ is a for-profit agency, supports Chinese suppliers, supports immigrant worker programs, and only sells TDCJ/TCI products, forcing us to purchase items that are made by child labor and prison slave labor. Pay attention to what this agency is doing and you’ll know why you must end it all. Stop working. Stop working.

If you want true liberation, end TDCJ now. Let me show you what you are missing out on. Stop working and send the facilitators letters constantly so we can send our message to prisons all across the state, including women’s prisons, who are very important to me. I am asking Dirty Darrington to realize truths that are painful, but true nonetheless. This is that moment. You workers are the only thing stopping the movement. You can see they don’t care about shit but making money off of you. Stop working and watch how much power you immediately have. Stop working. It’s over. TDCJ is dead.

Let these capitalists feel loss, heartache. Let their capitalist agenda become obsolete in the blink of an eye. Brothers, solidarity is the only word you need to preach amongst each other. No more free labor, unconditionally. This means, know that your oppressor doesn’t care about you. They have no love for you. Don’t do more for TDCJ than it’s willing to do for you. Change is here. Stop working and let Texas IWOCs on E-Line, B-Line or in population advice us to bring in media campaigns to spread our resistance for true liberation from the bullshit Texas Dept. of Minimal Justice! Let me show you. Just stop working, all of you. We got this.


Comrade Z

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"Contains material solely for the purpose of achieving breakdown of prison through disruption" -Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice mailroom

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