KKKorruption in KKKonsentrationslager: Darrington Blows Their Cover – by Comrade Z

from Comrade Z

Mongoose Distro Staff Writer

IWOC Member x386969

Fuck my… life!!! Goddamn TDCJ is like a scorned woman. I have single handedly penetrated the minds of every sorry motherfucker in TDCJ-CID. Yessir! Peep this y’all: Due to high volume amounts of mailroom retaliation and discrimination on my being an anarchist/abolitionist with Industrial Workers of the World Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee, Officer Garcia, Estrada, Williams and Reyes did the dirty deed of opening media mail. Ms. Ford, mailroom clerk and supervisor, was allowing it, amongst other things. Naughty, naughty! However, on 12/18/20, they sent me a denial of an outgoing media mail packet addressed to ABC affiliate The Final Straw Radio. Now I’ve been retaliated on like this since October, then for successfully agitating with my outside facilitators. Asst. Warden Angela Chevalier set me up with Lt. Lott and Captain Cooper and ad.seg’d me for reporting to the public 13+ suicides under Warden Powers, Warden Armstrong, Major Pharr, Captain Cooper and Lt. Lott’s watch.

In September 2020 two suicides occurred back-to-back. After this, I began organizing and got another bullshit case for that. Now, mind you – they punch. I punch back. After receiving this bullshit case, I went to court. All I asked was for Captain Cooper not to touch my commissary, being that there’s a pandemic and all. No phone calls, no visits, poor feeding in ad.seg areas, you know? No dice! I get bammed! Right on! Now check this: I said mailroom was doing regular fuck shit, but what caught me off guard is why is Intelligence surveilling me? Hmmm. Oh yeah, because I got sick of the Warden’s corruption scheme that is taking down inmates for shit officers are setting them up with. These tactics mirror what happened on Ramsey One, with Powers and Captain Gilbert, who is now a Sgt. On Darrington. I sent a transcript of my interview with The Final Straw Radio from 4/23/20 to the Brazoria County Sheriff’s Narcotics Dept. to report mailroom entrapment scheme by Sgt. Estrada, Williams, Garcia and Reyes. The motherfucking Sheriffs did not call Darrington. No, instead, it spooked the shit out of them by contacting Huntsville. So Huntsville is running a statewide corruption scheme and are scrambling right now to hide their fucking crimes. Whoops! Did I do that? I am being blocked access to courts. I can’t mail my boards out.

Officers Obaseki, Sandoval, Reyes and Penny raided my cell on 1/11/21 at 3:20-3:40pm. On camera, Ms. Ford comes to drop off legal mail that I sent to State Counsel for Offenders attorney Charles Martin. She made a spectacle of opening my mail on camera, showing every single article, which included two emails, two #PrisonsKill essays, one WPO First Amendment Rights disclaimer and a Fire Ant Collective disclaimer. Seconds after receiving the letter, that was photo copied in Huntsville by attorneys for the State, the shakedown team comes to tell me that Warden Armstrong wants the letter because I am an anarchist. Penny’s big mouth said it loud and proud. Did I mention that First Amendment Rights disclaimer was in that envelope? The very next day, I get an attorney phone call. It was perfect timing. I proceeded to report all the illegal activity by this administration by order of “01” Bruce “Dirty Deeds” Armstrong.

The mailrooms across Texas are violating your First Amendment Rights, and Wardens are allowing their Intelligence Officers to set you up by allowing their own traceable contraband, that is a federal crime, to knowingly and intentionally introduce K2, meth, and SIM cards through the mail so they can set you up. More than likely it’s coming from the evidence rooms at Sheriff’s offices near your unit. Do you see those cameras on the walls? That’s not an eye because you see it. It’s an eye because it sees you!

TDCJ is running a statewide mailroom corruption scheme to continue receiving your families tax payer money to keep you in prison. Stay tuned to mongoosedistro.com (Texas Anarchist news). Please contact your family and sue the fuck out of your oppressors. Fuck TDCJ. By no means does this mean the fight is over.


c/o Francisca Lopez


PO Box 35263

Albuquerque, NM 87176

Tell them Comrade Z sent you.

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Matt Brodnax

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We love you all.

Support anarchist prisoners!

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"Contains material solely for the purpose of achieving breakdown of prison through disruption" -Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice mailroom

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