Warden Armstrong and Corruption Team Attempt to Use Age Old Slaveholder Tactics to Suppress Comrade Z’s Free Speech and Expression

12/21/20 – Monday – 3:45-4:15PM,

Medical Lockdown/Covid Outbreak on Dirty Darrington

“Are you Zuniga?”, Officer Reyes asks. “Who are you?”, I ask. “You got a case for Inciting a Riot”. I’ve got the case in my pocket. “A peaceful demonstration” isn’t riotous at all, and this demonstration started in May.”, I responded. “Furthermore, I began mine in April”, after it aired on The Final Straw Radio. This was more offensive than anything because I’ve worked real hard to raise awareness of corruption and violence by administration.

This was in progress prior to City of Houston council members and state representatives shutting down all slave contracts with the Dirty Darrington tire plant that occurred May 12th, 2020. My interview was proudly aired by a feminist radio station in San Antonio, Texas, my hometown.

Everyone knows exactly why Warden Armstrong is all of a sudden trying to write bogus cases on the only Industrial Workers of the World organizer member X 386969. For almost a full year I have been steady in agitating, campaigning, phone zapping and assisting in creating safer work conditions for the men on Major Pendejo’s (Pendowsky) Farm, while field squad and intelligence officers work in the background to install illegal contraband to entrap these workers knowingly and intentionally. It’s a known fact, as it is aired on The Prison Show @ KPFT.org, where they tell “TDCJ to address the real problem, the officers’ criminal activities”.

This unit is not designed to house people humanely. It’s outdated and with no tools available to offenders for creative learning and art, outdated phones, outdated parole eligibility, outdated policy. The creation of desperation by administration is all you see. In Texas we call that “shooting fish in a barrel”. Take a man, oppress him, deprive him of all humanity, punish him for being a free thinker, go a step further and stop feeding him, torture the humanity out of him. That leaves an empty, desperate shell of his former self. Criminology departments across Texas will tell you that psychology is widely used by TDCJ, but it’s exactly how they get these men to act out and fall for traps set by wardens and intelligence officers, getting more time put on this man and punishment by TDCJ and forcing men to snitch on each other so that TDCJ can sharpen their tools of oppression.

Nothing is going on in here. I am well informed by comrades across the unit and by officers who are against these tactics that the only reason these tools are on this unit is because Warden Armstrong allows it. How else do you get a reputation for a “Clean-up Warden” without ever getting your hands dirty. Criminals who are backed by criminals seldom get busted, especially at Dirty Darrington. You can see through the eyes of the panopticon, on his cell phone, just like they watched the suicide on camera on E-Line back in September, so if you can see inside of cells with your brand new cameras and software, record my movements, record my phone calls, why did you not allow me my request to preserve video of Officer Chukwu trying to hit me with his pepper spray can?

When you are up against Wardens, take note: When they have all tools of oppression at their fingertips and losing sleep over you, they’ll watch you to see what time you go eat, go to shower, go to rec. They’ll wait for an oportune time so their loyal little servant wage slaves can spring a trap, as Assistant Angela Chevalier did to me, followed by Captain Cooper, Lieutenant Dumbya, Chukwu again and the Corruption Team. The pressure got a little too hot for Angela Chevalier and Warden Powers, with 13+ suicides under their belts. All they cared about was getting me locked up in Ad. Seg.

Warden Armstrong believes in kicking people when they’re down. I kick back, even though I do not condone violence, I’ve never struck or attempted anything remotely violent on any officer. By him sending people to try to get me to “act out” is only further proving that the Dirty Darrington Unit Administration and Corruption Crew are losing a lot of sleep.

To all my supporters and fans of my art: I do not fear Death. Why would I fear a sad little man like Warden Armstrong? I am a rehabilitated prisoner. His torture tactics, psychological tactics, cruel and unusual tactics, slave driving tactics and oppression have cause me to change and become who I am today. It’s his own words that inspired me, when he said, “I am for rehabilitation, sure”. So one rehabilitated man that is now speaking against state sanctioned murder, slavery, entrapment, cruel and unusual punishment, speaking out and spreading the good word to all black and brown, and every nationality, that the people have spoken, TDCJ will not receive any city contracts because of their slaveholding name and tactics and practices.

The demonstrations are coming to prisons all over Texas, just like on Allred Unit. It is necessary action to end slave tradition in Texas and I encourage peaceful demonstrations. Nobody wants more dead black men killed by the hands of TDCJ or knee on the neck by Warden Armstrong. My rehabilitation is because of the injustice I’ve fallen victim to by the same people doing the entrapment scheme: Sergeant Estrada, Sergeant Williams, Corrupt Field Squad and Farm Managers, Mailroom Supervisors Betancourt and Ford, who willingly conspire with this corruption.

It is my duty to report that injustice that has been occurring. Federal investigators need to address this issue now, especially while all their investments are riding on it. Embezzlement is clearly an issue on the Fam, for campaign I brought on the Farm got some serious attention. Within 3 days, the entire Farm took on a makeover. Crop duster flying around, all of that.

I’ve bee campaigning for 0 months for our day rooms to be fitted with air conditioners, painted and to finally add some movie channels, add more creative tools on commissary, spray for roaches on ad. Seg, feed them equal portions, pass out safety equipment to workers no matter the job, pass out clean clothes and whole towels. I’ve campaigned for Covid-19 prevention and none of it got as much attention as the Farm did.

Again, a rehabilitation mind sees that as a red flag. What does the Farm have that it got such royal treatment? Where are they trying to cover up the fact that money wasn’t being used for what it was intended? Instead, profits were being split, pilfered, and pocketed by a team of corrupt operatives who are now attacking me for speaking out. Let this prove to the state that people change, especially state wage slaves, greedy and sick with capitalist disease. Stop pretending it’s not happening. Go to KPFT.org/theprisonshow. Ask the professionals.

I dare you. As I sit here waiting for mailroom to come visit me with denials of letters, literature, media mail, legal mail, this administration has gone that extra mile to suppress the voice of one rehabilitated organizer, created by this very administration. Maybe federal investigators will prove me wrong. Who know. Until then, I continue my rehabilitation process under administrative oppression, attacks, suppression, but as one who understand what it’s like to be found guilty by a jury of my peers, I wish that upon each and every member of the Dirty Darrington Corruption Team.]

Furthermore, I ask comrades to send copies and emails of these writings directly to City of Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner’s administration and State representatives Alma Allen and Ron Reynolds. Let’s show them that TDCJ isn’t just earning profits from slave labor, but from their contraband too. In order to move forward with change we have to burn the leeches off TDCJ’s ass. That’s a lot of leeches y’all.

Solidarity and Sabotage,


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"Contains material solely for the purpose of achieving breakdown of prison through disruption" -Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice mailroom

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