2020 Vision – by Comrade Kado

As I sit here on the Eastham Unit and another day of solitude comes to a close, I’m awestruck at how blind people are, listening to prisoners here in solitary spew animosity, threats, and arguments at one another in defense of their “political views” or favorite candidate for CEO of the Tyrannical Organization, coined “Government”, which ironically is responsible for the very rusted cages which they are confined to. Crazier still, less than 1 in 10 have ever voted and, realistically, none of them ever will do so in the future. Wow, really?

People out on the streets clash and go so far as to hurt people they love, emotionally, physically or psychologically because of their opposing “political views”. It’s sad when this nonsense invades peoples lives so absolutely as to seed itself into their very hearts. Masses of people work themselves up into a fever pitch of wild emotions and hold to their politics, like a favorite candidate becomes this incorruptible saint and damn you to hell if you don’t agree.

Ill tell you – I have nothing for government laws or rule. Shoutout to my anarchists in the struggle for freedom. It seems to me people are so indoctrinated with rulership, or slavery for lack of a better word, that when each form of government, every system or set of policies prove corrupt, they automatically seek another. I cannot seem to understand such logic! Why are people so ready for rule?

The hard truth is that it’s all they know. Few, if not most, people could never reach the conclusion without help, that we don’t need government to live! Wow, what a concept! To be governed is to be ruled. I’ve heard arguments about the need for laws for a safe world. First – the world’s not safe anywhere. Next – all laws are merely a source of revenue for an elitist and oppressive entity which seeks to gain by any means all the wealth that they desire. Oh, and those same laws don’t apply to them: “qualified immunity”, “diplomatic immunity” and a million bilaws and loopholes for their lawyers to smile and cite from. Believe me, it’s the laws which enable many asshole types and tie the hands of the oppressed.

In a social order based on the free grouping of individuals nobody needs to stand over you to tell you what’s wrong or right to do. It’s wrong to think that’s necessary. If you have a single argument for why laws of any kind are needed to function as we, the mass of humanity, move about our lives, then feel free to debate it with me.

People are afraid of the unknown. Most couldn’t fathom a life without a system. Cash currency, 9 to 5, taxes… Politicians dangle false “freedoms” and promises of posh living to people who know deep down that their slavery to rule is eating them slowly like a cancer. They know that they rage inside to break free of that oppression and the silver tongued politician offers a slavery with more wiggle room while saving them from the unknown of the freedom they could choose. So people vent that fear and anger upon one another while the elites fist bump in the background. Stop enslaving yourself to promises of freedom from a ruler. Be free.



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"Contains material solely for the purpose of achieving breakdown of prison through disruption" -Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice mailroom

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