Interview with Julio A. Zuniga aka Comrade Z, as heard on The Final Straw Radio episode “Anarchist Resistance In Prison”, April 23 2020

  1. Would you please introduce yourself for the audience? Who you are, where you are, how you got there?

Hello Everyone, Thank you for having me on The Final Straw. It’s an honor. My name is Julio A. Zuniga. Alex is what everyone calls me, or Comrade Z for those who are standing with me 10 toes down in solidarity.

I am a survivor of B-Line solitary confinement at Dirty Darrington Unit and currently trying to reach out to activists and anarchists in the area who can help me organize a statewide work stoppage. Enemy of the State and of the Dirty Darrington administration, my whole heart and soul is hellbent on bringing the attention of the entire nation to the administration and it’s human rights violations, cruel and unusual punishment, physical assaults by staff, mailroom policy changes, inadequate law library, commissary price gouging, infestation of roaches, mice and spiders, sewage leaks in the cells, constant power outages, the list goes on and on. The torture tactics are of primary concern because it’s driving people to die by suicide. So far it’s been 1 suicide per year since I’ve been here. How I got here was because abolitionists in East Texas rose up against Telford Unit, for Housing Administrative Segregation inmates at that facility without telling the surrounding community about it. They were against it. People of New Boston, TX and Texarkana found out about TDCJ housing G4 and G5 offenders because an Officer Davison was murdered by a solitary confinement offender who was being tortured by Telford Unit by withholding his mail and refusing him basics he needed, like food. This caused the entire town to begin the takedown of wardens and the torture of all inmates by using lockdowns for 90 days or more, then by stopping all hot meals for an entire year in 2017. So, since that officer died in 2015, it was the people who brought forth change to that unit. It is now a pre-release unit, no administrative segregation offenders and no solitary confinement. I was not blessed with any kind of support, so I intentionally got into trouble just so they could ship me off. Best move I ever made, so I thought. However, that is how I ended up here.

  1. What can you tell the listeners about Darrington Unit and your experience being held by the TDCJ?

The Dirty Darrington Unit is a hub unit. Thousands of inmates pass through here weekly, transferring to other units, coming off of UTMB Medical Branch at Galveston, or Psyche Unit Jester 4. Some of them are bleeding, soiled in feces and urine. All mentally ill persons coming off Jester 4 have had no kind of hygiene for over 3 days. All these lay over cells are so unsanitary it takes a healthy person 24 hours to get sick by sleeping in one of these cells. There is nothing humane about that. They usually house people with wrong custody levels, endangering lives at will, resulting in physical and sexual assaults. It’s Dirty Darrington’s specialty.

I encourage you to ask administration how many lives Dirty Darrington has claimed because they refused to help suicidal inmates. Also, how administration uses offenders to snitch on others with a false hope of beating a disciplinary case, then throw them back into population, leaving them to kill themselves behind the dishonor. On the 2nd week of November 2019, a guy killed himself after spilling the beans on others. When he asked them to help him because he felt suicidal, they ignored him. This is the suicide I witnessed that really proved verbatim the words Sean Swain voices in Last Act of the Circus Animals. When Rico killed himself, the show was like Cirque de Soleil. You had every basic need availed to you – blankets, mattresses, toilet paper, toothbrushes, toothpaste, cleaning materials, officers serving trays like they do in population with full portions. They even gave us light bulbs. It was disgusting to see it. You saw paint crews, utility crews, the works. For a week the unit experienced humanity, but once the coast was clear and the administration got away with murder, it was back to torture tactics, a pattern I have seen one too many times on Dirty Darrington.

Overall my experience has been depressing, lonely, stressful, painful. I’ve seen this administration use psychological torture for 23 months straight, for this is how long I’ve been held in solitary confinement. Only recently was I magically released and placed in E-Line (G5) administrative segregation – the filthy administrative segregation area that is notorious for roach infestations, no lighting in showers, no restrooms on the rec yard so if you have to urinate or have a bowel movement you are going to on the same area men play basketball. Fecal matter is all over the floor and people wonder how they got sick. Easy – as soon as you come in from outside rec, they serve chow. If you have been playing basketball then munch on your baked chicken, then suck the grease off your fingers. You just sucked on chicken flavored fecal matter and urine. Dirty Darrington knows exactly what it’s doing. Environmental disaster, B-Line, E-Line, G-Line, A-Line, C-Line, D-Line are all torture areas. In the winter it’s cold showers. In the summer they heat your water for you. No coincidence. There is so much more. There are over 200 men in administrative segregation and solitary confinement on Dirty Darrington. Some men are going through it worse because they believe this is normal prison policy. It’s not. I’m here to expose this unit and it’s human rights violations. I appreciate you hearing me out.

  1. It’s hard to imagine that the staff and administration aren’t aware of the conditions there. Are they showing any signs of working to fix the situation?

I knew something was terribly wrong with this unit when it runs through 4 wardens in less than 2 years. They are aware of every single atrocity. They personally handle all grievances and it’s rare an inmate ever wins on Step 1. They have to go all the way to Huntsville with their grievance to get fair treatment. By that time it’s been 60 days solid since the claim was made.

It’s designed this way to ensure we never win any kind of grievance claim. Another way, as it is now, that they refuse us grievances all together on Dirty Darrington because they also are aware that if they hand them out they will be reading grievances for years. They know this place is crumbling to pieces. If it rains outside it rains inside too. The guards look like underwater welders when it rains. They wear rain coats indoors to stay dry. Nothing is being done except punishment and enslavement. I am on a mission to learn from outside sources how to organize, to create a psychological warfare on this administration in the name of all the dead that could not deal with their torture chambers and for the mentally ill who cannot speak out against them who are, as we speak, living in horrible conditions on Major Pharr’s solitary confinement. It’s only a matter of time before another death by suicide. We can thank Dirty Darrington’s Administrative Segregation ringmasters for imposing torture on the already weak men by starving them, by withholding their mail, by refusing mailroom to give them pictures of loved ones or birthday cards, or by sending their shakedown team to physically abuse them and confiscate their property. It’s all designed to break you. It’s happening every day.

  1. How do the conditions you’ve described above affect the health of prisoners? What’s the condition of physical and mental healthcare available at Darrington Unit?

Personally I don’t get sick easy, but since being on Dirty Darrington I’ve had a serious sinus infection, primarily from the mold in the showers and the dust that carries all kinds of germs. As far as psyche at Dirty Darrington goes, it’s got potential. As far as physical, you’ve got the infamous Nazi doctor Speer, extorting everyone, but not giving adequate care to anyone. If you get sick they still allow this idiot to practice. Nothing gets done about his childish outbursts. He once tried to do a rectal exam on me, He said it was my yearly check-up. This was the first time I met him. As he stood up and slapped on a latex glove my spidey-sense told me to ask a simple question, “What’s the name on the computer, sir?” He said “You’re Contreras #… blah blah blah” I was like “I’m out!” I’ve had problems with this doctor ever since, namely because retaliation is a trend on Dirty Darrington when you file a grievance. I tried to explain to everyone what this man tried to do. No one tried to help. He’s still here. All my medical treatment was taken away by this man for no reason other than I am or was chronic care hypoglycemic. If you have heat restrictions, work restrictions, anything that will make your ailment easier to handle Dr. Speer will terminate it and then send you into a Twilight Zone of sick calls, just so he can charge the co-pay. Others – he refuses to treat simply because it’s not life or death.

  1. Can you talk about the suicides that you’ve been aware of during your time and are there any in particular you’d like to reflect on? Are there any strings that tie the circumstances together?

Well, I’ve been on Dirty Darrington for two years, going on three. I got screwed out of my legal work, got all my medical restrictions taken away, basically because I am indigent and I have no one on the outside to call here and raise a fuss, which is the only time you see inmates get what they need.

So, B-Line 3rd row, 15th cell, 2018 – A young man hung himself. The image of a nurse chest compressing this man never left me. It really caused me a lot of anger. It was senseless. It taught me just how they break men’s minds. It would disgust you. I remember this older man who would wake up screaming and just slowly, losing all reality, these torturers left him in that cell with a stack of trays, full of food with dead mice and roaches that he would just stack up toward the end of his sanity. Inmates could smell death. They tried to talk to him but couldn’t stand the stench of death. So, they brought Captain Lance the kitchen boss to remove the trays, stacked 20 high. But, you cannot talk to a broken man. He was a vessel, nothing more. After 2 canisters of pepper spray, still nothing until finally Captain Lance had the courage to tell administrators that he was no longer right. It was his voice that forced them to send him off that night, never to be seen again. For months they left that man in this condition. It’s happening now. This is normal? I’m not trying to hear that.

For these men, I ask to be armed with support, to feed the torturers a taste of their own medicine. I opened my eyes all the way at this past suicide in November 2019. I’m done talking. We need a bombardment of activism, protest, support. We need an uprising so this administration will be forced to take responsibility for all their fuckery.

One thing I know is we have nothing to gain for staying in good standing. “Good time credit” is not counting toward parole. “Work time credit” is another tool they have to control prisoners. Only the prisoners that still believe in the tooth fairy are too scared to accept this fact. People have tried for years to have these laws passed. Republicans are not interested in helping us. With a statewide work stoppage we will bring all these men’s dreams to fruition. We need to spread these facts to the entire state and shut it down. Stop slaving for your ringmasters. You want a real change, stop doing your slave jobs. Stop putting money in politicians pockets and ask them to put it your account to pay for the work you do. Slave days ended over 150 years ago – Why do you volunteer to work for the oppressor? Those of you who have no one, wouldn’t you like to support yourself in prison instead of risking solitary confinement for stealing food to sell in your living areas for hygiene. I can go on and on.

  1. What are working conditions like the prisoners incarcerated by the TDCJ as you’ve experienced? What sort of privileges come along with work, what sort of pay (if any), and sort of work is it?

They work these guys to exhaustion. They do not pay. The work is back breaking. No one will receive as much as an extra portion of food. These units are still slave plantations, only the name has changed. Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Research “The Sugarland 95” – You’ll see what I’m talking about. It’s time to bring this slavery to a screeching halt.

  1. How have you experienced support while you’ve been on the inside? What would you like from folks on the outside?

I had to go to extremes again to have the support I have today. I never conformed to prison culture. I love tattoos, motorcycles, art, hunting, fishing, boats and the only way I was ever going to see or hear about that is by reaching out. As a result of picking up a contraband cell phone I met “Mongoose Matt” by calling a random tattoo shop. Haha! It was awesome. Fineline Tattoo NYC is Matt’s workplace and it took all but 60 seconds to make one of the best friends I’ve ever had. It makes me so proud to say that. Shortly after getting pinched for contraband Matt has been there through all my solitary confinement, sending in anarchist literature, commissary bread for hygiene and art supplies, and in 7 years now on a 15 year sentence for a so called “murder” it’s his solidarity and support that saved my life and sanity.

Dirty Darrington had officers from the McConnell unit come hit us for shakedown and those creeps took all my property and left me with nothing. This was my breaking point. I just felt like giving up, but Mongoose comes flying in with letters and powerful words of encouragement and because of him I am fighting today. They tried to break me intentionally. I know this for a fact. Only problem is I survived. TDCJs “Cease to speak or cease to breathe” motto doesn’t scare me. I have nothing to lose. Now, I’m asking for you to stand with me until we punch a hole in this darkness and make it bleed light. Sean Swain is the other reason I fight. How you doin Sean?

Here’s the deal – folks out there, my only weapon at the moment is this here pen. I want surrounding activists to contact me so we can get started. This is still far from over and I believe that it’s only through the voice of the people that we can bring this down on a statewide level. I could use all the support available in my fight against the state. Things are slowly changing for me, so I will be allowed more visitors on Dirty Darrington Unit. Soon I will be allowed to call out. In the meantime, anyone can write me. There is so much to learn and prepare. No doubt that without your direct support places like Dirty Darrington and surrounding plantations will continue to thrive, rubbing it in the community’s face.

The Texecution state is also a slavery state. Shut em down. Nobody is gaining a thing. It’s a slap in the face when the officials of the state come here to lie to everyone that they are doing everything they can to change these laws so that we actually become productive. The only laws passed are laws to make it harder on us to get home to our families. For the oppressed indigent offenders who cannot afford hygiene products, organizing a hygiene run to bring forth relief, peace of mind, and a sense of compassionate care. I’ve seen exactly how good this place could be, but as long as we have ringmasters like these hypocrite wardens, coward-ass majors and captains, vindictive supervisors who love to use cowardly acts and body slam people while in restraints such as Sergeant Akinsonu, Sergeant Williams, Sergeant Estrada, Sergeant Baker, who writes her own rules when it comes to keeping people down. All these cowards and a few more on my shit list need to be burned at the stake for their inhumane treatment of human beings. We need to give them a little perspective. We need to all come at them via phone calls, media, advocacy centers, anyone that can hit them where it hurts, to show them that we are not alone. We are not going to accept this kind of abuse and pretend it’s normal. It’s policy. Policy is made up as they walk to the pisser. It’s a shame the population is in love with their ringmaster.

As a survivor of these gulags, food is still the #1 tool used to break solitary confinement offenders. Many months I went hungry and many months I eat the unwanted veggies inmates discarded just to survive. Sometimes portions were almost a smear of meat on tray. We need to end this today.

  1. What inspires you these days? What brings you joy?

Oh that’s easy – Defiance from Detritus Books is my inspiration. I’ve gotten very close to Comrade Mongoose and against the peace and dignity of the Texecution State I’m in constant contact with Comrade King and Comrade Swain. I wish them the best in the struggle and hope to see them soon, for I am coming up for parole soon. It’s a crap shoot, but optimism is helpful in situations such as this. I get my jollies by sending Matt handcrafted portraits of all kinds of cool, weird characters. Y’all are actually owners of one of my pieces. Thank you.

  1. Is there anything I failed to ask you about that you want to talk about?

You all can check out my Instagram @julioazunigaart or contact Matt to place an order for a handmade portrait. I only have No.2 pencils to work with because this unit will not allow my supporters to send me art supplies. Anything that makes people happy like greeting cards and pictures are slowly being taken from us as well. Go figure. This is Bible seminary college too. This is the unit that pumps out “field ministers”. Unbelievable, huh? Bass-akwards, I tell ya! I gotta let ya go for now. It’s been an amazing and liberating experience. You all are amazing. Please allow me to send hugs to Sean Swain, Eric King and to all the comrades who are in the trenches fighting their ringmaster. Thank you for setting the example. I hope to be in that position soon. Thanks y’all. Hope to hear from you soon. I would like to close with a quote from Benjamin Tucker:

“Power feeds on its spoils and dies when its victims refuse to be despoiled. They can’t persuade it to death; they can’t vote it to death; they can’t shoot it to death; but they can always starve it to death.”

If you would like to contact Alex, please send a letter to:

Julio A. Zuniga #1961551

Darrington Unit

59 Darrington Road

Rosharon, Texas 77583

Interview With Texas Prisoner On Conditions In Solitary Confinement – from It’s Going Down (February 28, 2020)

The Following Features And Interview With A Prisoner In Texas On The Conditions They Face On The Inside Along With The Ways That Prisoners Are Attempting To Organize.

Matt Brodnax: Can you please introduce yourself and give some background on your time at the Darrington Unit of Texas Department of Criminal Justice?

Hello comrades, this is Julio A. Zuniga “Alex”/Comrade Z inmate #1961551 at Administrative Segregation – G5 – Solitary Confinement.  There are over 200 Administrative Segregation inmates.  All are underfed, suffering from some form of psychological warfare introduced by administration in more than one way.  I have been in G5 for two years for cell phones.  However, this isn’t about me.  It’s about the broken brothers who could not maintain their sanity after years of no outside relief from an ancient penitentiary that uses food as a tool to break the indigent offender to the point of suicide.  Physical assaults by staff are frequent.  Everything I speak of is going on as you read.

MB: What are the conditions like in the prison?

You ask what the environment is like?  It depends on which torture chamber you’re housed in.  B-Line or F-Line or A-Line or C-Line… each one has it’s own track record.  E-Line G5 at Darrington is by far the worst, environmentally speaking.  The entire unit is infested with roaches of all shapes and sizes, especially in the chow hall, where the average size for a cockroach is three inches long.  They litter the floors of the hallway before entering the chow hall and cover the cafeteria floor all the way to the serving areas.  This unit is 80 years old, and so are these creatures. In the cells of solitary confinement they occupy every crevasse imaginable.  If the tray slot slams hard enough roach eggs fall from the cracks into your already small, and do I mean small, drink, prison clothes, anything coming in gets sprinkled with roach parts.

Darrington Unit requires G5 offenders to be in hand restraints to go to shower, which is just one way to psychologically mess with men’s already tattered sanity.  Once in this so-called shower, the floors are a waxy black color because of mold.  It smells of every kind of human bodily fluid imaginable.  I’ve never seen a unit so rusted out.  When you exit you feel like a therapeutic tetanus shot just to be on the safe side.  Normally the floors are supposed to be finished with a sand colored, sand textured cement finish so inmates don’t slip.  That is absolutely nonexistent.

Lighting is not up to code. Supervisors refuse to ask for light bulbs for indigent offenders and leave us to find lighting o our own.  If you write grievances on these supervisors you find yourself the victim of a faux-disciplinary case.  All of these supervisors are still ruining the track record of offenders who have been working the system to get out of G5.  We’ve got a “Major” by the name of “Major Pharr” who I consider very biased, discriminant and unfair to say the least.  Back to him last… I want to save the best for last.  Major Pharr earned it.

Now I am sitting on a 15 year sentence for murder.  I’ve got six years flat as of November.  When I pulled up on this unit I already had four years worth of appellate work accumulated.  Here you need what you call an “I-60” to receive anything from different departments.  Law Library on Darrington Unit would not respond to my I-60s in 2018, at a time so important, to submit to the federal courts within the time you have to submit on time.  It was on a timeline.  Because of Darrington Unit’s inadequate Law Library staff, I lost a good possibility of getting my case brought back for an “insufficient evidence claim.”  We can thank the grievance process for forcing Mrs. Wagner to supply the indigent packet I needed a whole two weeks prior, resulting in a denial for not submitting in the alotted time, taking with it all the hope I had.

So slowly, I learned the State’s vicious clandestine tactics to make people act out aggressively, sometimes violently.  Telford Unit is a prime example.  In 2015, where an Administration Segregation offender snapped.  When it was all over he had bashed an officer’s skull with a tray slot bar until it was liquified.  That officer just happened to be my vocational teacher’s brother.  In 2016-2017, Telford Unit starved all offenders for one year, feeding only “Johnny sacks”, driving me to do something extreme to survive.  I ended up here at Darrington Unit.  Let me try to stay on track here:  When you’re done with G5 your custody level goes to G4, which is six months of medium-custody.  When you go to chow hall, you’re fed like a fat rat, which is almost shameful when you start to realize just how bad G5 offenders are getting screwed.

This is why I make this stand, as one voice against the peace and dignity of the State, to show the entire nation how people are being treated all over Texas.  Darrington Unit is now run by inmates who speak limited English, so if you have any issue it often goes unheard and ignored.  If you have a dietary restriction, you have to set fires and flood the runs with toilet water just to get them to call a supervisor on the scene to address the issue.  It’s like Sean Swain describes in his badass book.  I’ve personally witnessed two suicides, two attempted suicides, officers abusing inmates then quickly shipping them off to another unit so their grievances don’t impact administration.  This is going on now.  On both occasions that these men died by suicide the staff and work crews are summoned to candy coat the rotten apple that is Darrington Unit.  For a few days, the lucky residents of where the deceased took his life enjoy new mattresses, blankets, light bulbs, fresh coats of paint.  Food is plentiful.  Diet trays and snacks are on point, toilet paper too.  Nobody gets written up, which is good.  Most people who are about to get parole are usually thrown in a cell with a psyche patient to ensure an altercation and keep you in TDCJ longer.

All these tactics I’m exposing now are so that any victims of this behavior can be directed to the offending officer in charge.  Major Pharr is someone I know is in on this three-ring circus.  It’s so obvious and they don’t hide the fact that they have a team of snitch-mates who are his snitch crew.  It’s known that inmates can personally screenshot Facebook pages directly to his phone to take other offenders out and get them locked up, a trap designed by administration directly.  Officers have personally told me the grand structure of Major Pharr’s “tactics.”

Next on the list of cruel and unusual punishment is Sergeant Akinson, Sergeant Williams, Sergeant Estrada, Sergeant Cabriales, Sergeant Baker.  With a crew like this for segregation area this crazy treatment of human beings should not be ongoing.  Instead, Major Pharr has made it a point to fill beyond capacity his segregated areas, even on fluke cases that do not require such punishment.  But mark my words, it’s more than just confining.  It’s starving, and rattling cages, using psy-ops to further punish the offender.  This has gone on too long and anyone who speaks up on the ill treatment… he will do anything to get rid of his evidence.

Once a month we get one grievance, one I-60.  I am allowed to fill out a grievance every seven days if I want.  Any one offender needs at least three a week and in order for any positive reaction from administration you have to have over twenty inmates file a formal grievance.  They get around it by not issuing the Step 1 forms or Step 2s to further investigate.  These are stressful tactics that cause a lot of issues for regular corrections officers.  Because of the actions of one offender lashing out on an officer the entire wing will get punished, which is unfair, because they are forcing the hand of offenders just to get the basics, then punishing him for it.  It’s so repetitive.  The pattern has been exposed.  During the times of a suicide, I’ve heard that the offender had previously verbally voiced distress to the officer and was ignored.  By the time they decide to do a security check or decide to believe the inmate population’s commotions, it’s too late.  When I opened my eyes to what this unit is operating on, it’s bigger than me.  But as Sean Swain has taught me, the tools the administration has are the direct result of what is Darrington now – twisted culture, twisted administration, crumbling structure.  Not only is the unit falling apart, the whole state is aware of it.  The state capital has some of the highest members of the capital come through here once a year, but they will not eat here or go anywhere past the chapel where they meet first hand some of the toughest men I’ve ever met.  The men who changed their lives and deserve a chance of some kind of relief from the draconian laws that hold them down.

MB: What is organizing like in the Darrington Unit?

It’s done clandestinely, because once they smell it coming they set up the ACA-AUDIT and they know how to cover up shit good.  It’s a smaller unit, but they are getting away with some real fuck shit.  If I could get really organized it would only be through comrades teaching me how to attack the entire region.  There are five regions in Texas – 110 units divided between those regions.  Pacifica Radio for Peace ( 90.1 Houston) is reaching at least two regions and advocates from Austin State Capital.  These people are on every Friday at 9pm CST so when the organizing begins I will be sure to involve the masses as well.  You see… we have to take into consideration this attempted once and only eleven units complied in layin-it-down.  I want the comrades to know, when they last organized they passed out flyers.  Everyone knew.  This is a hub unit, meaning people have to pass through here to continue on north or south or the other units in the surrounding area.  Talk among the men is – they didn’t want to miss a commissary day! Pfft!  Sean Swain talks about this shit.  Indoctrinated, institutionalized muthas who’s opinion have no clout are the one’s who fuck shit up for the others.  If it’s a statewide shutdown of normal activities it will bring the machine to a screeching halt.  This takes a lot of outside support to prep each region on the strike.  You see, in my experience, from being on various units across Texas – it’s the people who volunteer and have compassion for the men in white. Mainly all chaplains do not agree with the “State of Fuckery.”  You and I are confirmed anarchists, against the peace and dignity of the state.  My entire idea is for it to hit the capital.

Most investments for TDCJ on the Stock Exchange are owned by the people making laws and the wardens running the shit.  You see where I’m going?  Prison Legal News, NPR News, 90.1 Houston are all going to need to interview for a large scale strike of this magnitude.  The order of operation is strictly based on how TDCJ operates (lock-downs, etc.)  The point of it is to overwhelm the system.  Nobody can staff 110 units overnight.  Within three days food rots, no maintenance crews, no laundry, no field squads, no officer dining halls.  Shut all operations down simultaneously.  All men in white must sacrifice for the cause to make history and set an example to anarchists across the nation – that even governments can be broken and bent, shock and awe.  You see the vision?  This is how Bursts at The Final Straw has portrayed it for us… rapid eye movement! Right?  The dream can be realized, but I have to win small battles and air them so the men can gain morale.  One thing these maggots do is break the morale, leaving empty vessels walking around.  The food is not that fuckin’ great to miss out on an opportunity like this.  This is only the beginning.  Remember how that quote states it, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step!”  We are on our way.

MB: How can people on the outside try to support y’all in trying to make the conditions better inside?

Personally, I am on a quest.  For now I’m outnumbered.  I need all the supporters to make sure as an ambassador for the anarchist mind in TDCJ that the administration knows that any retaliation is under the magnifying glass.  As they are reading my mail, I want them to know that in an institution such as this, and all the cruel and unusual punishment that is occurring, and excessive use of administrative force to keep these cages packed, I want to receive phone call interviews through Darrington Law library.  I want podcasts to call and ask Warden Armstrong for permission to speak to me so they can understand exactly what I am fighting for.  Yes, it’s beyond these walls.  It goes right up the ladder.  How do you fix a broken system?  In my opinion, from the inside out!  This type of neglect has gone on for way too long.  There is no excuse for it. Do I want readers to write me?  Yes, that is very much welcome.

My whole purpose for exposing these conditions are because I personally have been affected in many ways.  My final straw was this past lockdown where all my property was confiscated, for no reason, leaving me in a cell with no light and no toilet for days.  Even after begging for a light bulb from a supervisor I was left without light.  Then, after confronting said supervisor he still further retaliated by saying he wasn’t going to do “shit.” Right on, here we go…  After all the pain and suffering on administrative segregation in G5, solitary, I feel it’s time  we have the spotlight on how we treat offenders in ad-seg!  Starting with the deaths of inmates in the past two years, why Major Pharr or Major Gooden were not held accountable is beyond me.  They are supposed to set the example to all officers that suicide is very much likely since they impose such strict and draconian tactics on offenders who misbehave.  Starve them to the point of suicide?  How about not supplying mentally ill or mentally disabled offenders with the basics, like a jacket, toothpaste, toothbrush, toilet paper.  If they are not able to understand why do they not send them to psychiatric unit Jester 4?

You see, if I had a camera to show the nation how we herd men like cattle day in day out, I would.  There is plenty of ways to make this place productive, but first we have to address the immediate problems, to see who is on board with change.  Personally, I’m one of the lucky few who found outside support, someone who genuinely cared for me, and after six years of being alone I found a comrade who shared the same mindset as I.

These opportunities to expose first hand, how the prison industrial complex, capitalist mindset affects us inside.  Let me introduce you to Darrington Branch of UTMB Medical Division, where everyone who comes in contact with Dr. Speer gets charged with a medical visit, but does not receive adequate care, nor does he refer to someone who can provide it.  A doctor that throws tantrums like a four year old in scrubs.  Indigent offenders can’t afford the co-pay, nor do we get paid for hard labor in TDCJ to afford medical or correspondence.  My whole heart goes out to my anarchist friend in solidarity from NYC who saved me from insanity, gave me the tools I need to begin my crusade for the cause.  “Prisons are for burnin’, not for learnin!’”

MB: Why are prisoners getting mail withheld from them or thrown away by prison staff?  Does it have to do with the nature of the content?

Here, mailroom is completely infiltrated by administration.  I’ve never seen a unit commit more federal crimes than this one.  It’s unheard of.  They have stripped the offender of every single simple comfort of receiving stationary from home or art supplies.  This is something easily checked by security.  It has no negative effect on an inmate, but it would actually cause the inmate to behave better because  they received love from home.  That’s insane.  Who would want that?  Contraband is anything that makes the inmate do better for himself.  It’s out of control.  For administration to try to control a mailroom is easy.  To stop housing inmates with incompatible inmates is the real challenge, in which they still can’t get right.  Just past November they housed a G5 offender with a G2 offender and he was assaulted physically.  Sexually is still to be determined.  Also, mailroom is trying to stop greeting cards from family from coming in.

If you would like to write Alex, please do not hesitate to do so.  Alex loves receiving mail.  If you would like to send Alex a book, zine, article, etc. that is great too.

Julio A. Zuniga #1961551

Darrington Unit

59 Darrington Road

Rosharon, Texas 77583

Also, Alex makes beautiful portraits that can be viewed via Instagram.  Just search @julioazunigaart

2020 Vision – by Comrade Kado

As I sit here on the Eastham Unit and another day of solitude comes to a close, I’m awestruck at how blind people are, listening to prisoners here in solitary spew animosity, threats, and arguments at one another in defense of their “political views” or favorite candidate for CEO of the Tyrannical Organization, coined “Government”, which ironically is responsible for the very rusted cages which they are confined to. Crazier still, less than 1 in 10 have ever voted and, realistically, none of them ever will do so in the future. Wow, really?

People out on the streets clash and go so far as to hurt people they love, emotionally, physically or psychologically because of their opposing “political views”. It’s sad when this nonsense invades peoples lives so absolutely as to seed itself into their very hearts. Masses of people work themselves up into a fever pitch of wild emotions and hold to their politics, like a favorite candidate becomes this incorruptible saint and damn you to hell if you don’t agree.

Ill tell you – I have nothing for government laws or rule. Shoutout to my anarchists in the struggle for freedom. It seems to me people are so indoctrinated with rulership, or slavery for lack of a better word, that when each form of government, every system or set of policies prove corrupt, they automatically seek another. I cannot seem to understand such logic! Why are people so ready for rule?

The hard truth is that it’s all they know. Few, if not most, people could never reach the conclusion without help, that we don’t need government to live! Wow, what a concept! To be governed is to be ruled. I’ve heard arguments about the need for laws for a safe world. First – the world’s not safe anywhere. Next – all laws are merely a source of revenue for an elitist and oppressive entity which seeks to gain by any means all the wealth that they desire. Oh, and those same laws don’t apply to them: “qualified immunity”, “diplomatic immunity” and a million bilaws and loopholes for their lawyers to smile and cite from. Believe me, it’s the laws which enable many asshole types and tie the hands of the oppressed.

In a social order based on the free grouping of individuals nobody needs to stand over you to tell you what’s wrong or right to do. It’s wrong to think that’s necessary. If you have a single argument for why laws of any kind are needed to function as we, the mass of humanity, move about our lives, then feel free to debate it with me.

People are afraid of the unknown. Most couldn’t fathom a life without a system. Cash currency, 9 to 5, taxes… Politicians dangle false “freedoms” and promises of posh living to people who know deep down that their slavery to rule is eating them slowly like a cancer. They know that they rage inside to break free of that oppression and the silver tongued politician offers a slavery with more wiggle room while saving them from the unknown of the freedom they could choose. So people vent that fear and anger upon one another while the elites fist bump in the background. Stop enslaving yourself to promises of freedom from a ruler. Be free.